bojácný synonyms and antonyms


English flighty, nervous, spookish, spooky
Czech bojácný, bázlivý, lekavý


English skittish, timid, cautious, fainthearted, shamefaced, sheepish, shy, submissive, fearful, timorous, diffident, faint hearted, tremulous
Czech bojácný, nesmělý


English timorous, white as ghost, white as sheet, white with fear, afeared, fearful, scared, sorry, fainthearted, fear
Czech obávat se, bojácný, bázlivý, vystrašený

bojácný antonyms

dauntless, daredevil, fear, brave, bellicose, venturesome, warlike, audacious, daring, aggressive, reckless, venturous, adrenaline junkie, battleful, temerarious, evel knievel, harum scarum, hothead, lunatic, madcap, abandoned, foolhardy, good time, heedless, offensive, son of gun, swashbuckler, belligerent, strong growing, temeritous, awe, courageous, braw, weather, dismay, dread

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