bojovat synonyms and antonyms


English fight, postulate, stay, struggle, argue, contest, compete, cope
Czech bojovat, rvát se, zápasit


English contend, fight
Czech válčit, zápasit, bít, potýkat


English contend, fight back, fight down, argument, at loggerheads, battle, combat, conflict, defend, competitiveness, quarrel, crusade, fighting, fistfight, get physical, oppose, punch up, scrap, struggle, tussle
Czech bojovat, boj, bít, zápasit

bojovat antonyms

peace, making up, hugging, caressing, peace of mind, peace treaty, making, make, devising, qualification, ataraxis, heartsease, order, pacification, frith, peacefulness, public security, quietude, repose, rest, serenity, up, straight up, astir, improving, upward, alley oop, upwardly, upwards, turn up, wards

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