bojovník synonyms and antonyms


English warrior, fighter, fighter aircraft, fighter plane, attack aircraft, champion, combatant
Czech fighter, bojovník


English fighter, warrior, warrior tracked armoured vehicle, champion, virabhadrasana
Czech bojovník, válečník


English brave, plucky, stallwart, unafraid, unflinching, valorous, gallant, good, honest, staunch, valiant, worthy, audacious, courageous, braw, weather, fearless, hardy
Czech bojovník, odvážný, statečný

bojovník antonyms

fainthearted, cowardly, afraid, coward, chicken, fear, sir noel pierce coward, anxious, meek, pusillanimous, shy, timid, timorous, faint hearted, spring chicken, white as ghost, white as sheet, white with fear, fearful, recreant, sissy, yellow, yellow bellied, afeared, scared, sorry, caitiff, chickenshit, fraidy cat, gutless wonder, scaredy cat, scaredy pants, yellow belly, cur, wimpy, diffident, poor spirited, chicken shit, funk, wimp, awe, chickenhearted, biddy, twink

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