bolest synonyms and antonyms


English sickness, disease, wickedness, malady, rockiness, unsoundness, unwellness


English illness, sickness, pain, disease
Czech bol, bolení, rána, zármutek, žal, hoře


English illness, disease, malady, nausea, unsoundness


English pain, pain in neck, pain sensation, anguish, annoy, bait, bread, breadwinner, bun, distress, ed, gripe, hurt, hurting, ill, loaf, nuisance, effort, grief, punishment, toil, pest, annoyance, afflict, painful sensation, painfulness, pan assay interference compound, pang, pine, soreness, trouble, loaf of bread, pint
sh bol, muka, hleb, hljeb, kruh, kruv
Czech bolest, pain, chléb


English sickness, illness, disease, thesaurus:disease, affliction, ailment, coath, complaint, ill health, malady, medical condition, morbus, rot, dyscrasia
sh bolest, obolenje, zaraza
Czech nemoc, choroba

bolest antonyms

health, healthiness, wellness, vaccination, cure, comfort, feel, feeling, feel good, good, well, good feeling, feeling good, fee fees, feels, good health, intuitive feeling, pleasure, relish, injection, well being, enjoyment, delectation, delight, happiness, use, feast, fun, strong, healthy, inoculation, wholesome, vaccine, being, aura, bake, organism, beingness, care for, chick, aid, consolation, liss, satisfaction, quilt, ease, besoothe, console, encourage, revive, strengthen, comfortableness, cook, remedy, heal, bring around, domesticity, emotion, existence, experience, face of earth, tactile property, spirit, find, palpate

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