bone lazy synonyms and antonyms

bone idle

English bone lazy, lazy


English bone idle, faineant, lethargic, unworksome

bone lazy antonyms

kinetic, active, adventure, productive, effort, energy, fit, hard, work, exercise, hard work, adventure game, physical exercise, active voice, active agent, apoplectic fit, department of energy, free energy, greedy, constructive, fat, fecund, fertile, acquisitive, gamble, venture, avaricious, dangerous undertaking, escapade, gluttonous, devouring, animated, dynamic, seepy, vigorous, energising, mercenary, generative, rich, risky venture, selfish, voracious, voyage, foot, able, action, participating, combat ready, agile, agree, aim, alive, animate, apt, assets, attempt, awork, blowout, conniption, drill, struggle, campaign, deed, effortless, elbow grease, endeavor, example

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