breath synonyms and antonyms


English vital spark, breathing spell, breathing space, breathing place, breathing time, exhaling, suspiration, inhaling, respite, whiff, breather, breathing, existence, pant, respiration, sigh, hint, onde, life, breath
Spanish breath, respiración, aliento, hálito, respiro

breathing space

English breath, breathing room


English breath, sigh


English suspiration, breath, sithe, suspire
Spanish suspiro, suspirar


English breath, break, intermission, recess, relief, suspension, reprieve, rest, rest period, time out
Spanish descanso, pausa, desahogo, período de descanso, respiro


English breath, puff, sniff
Spanish bocanadas, hálito, soplo


English breath, snorkel, rest


English respiration, breath, breathing, eupneic, eupnoeic, expiration, external respiration, ventilation
Spanish respiración, respiro


English breathing, breath, respiration, cellular respiration, internal respiration, expiration


English breath, life, existence, universe, being, life sentence


English breath, pledge, dibs, gasp, heave, hinge, mortgage, pair of trousers, crave, palpitate, pawn, pit, puff


English breath, hint, allude, clue, trace, tip, touch, imply, insinuate, suggest, hunch, indian, innuendo, intimation, suggestion, taste
Spanish indicio, pista, indirecta, insinuación, insinuar, soplo, sugerir


English breath, envy, over there, there, wave, whence, yonder, beckon, curl, roll


English breath, existence, life, life sentence, life time, animation, alive, biography, lifespan, state, time, world, liveliness, lifetime, liffey, living
Spanish life, vida, existencia

breath antonyms

inexistence, nonexistence, absence, nothingness, void, coma, extermination, landscape, essence, dead, death, die, absence of mind, defunction, landscape painting, unexistence, suffocate, blow, blow out, emptiness, inherence, lack, asphyxiate, choke, excision, extinction, liquidation, nihility, nonentity, worthlessness, wind, nullity, nothing, comma, non attendance, petit mal epilepsy, carefree, comatoseness, die out, draw out, empty, aroma, gist, quintessence, perfume, kernel, effect, expel, gas, gasoline, ghost, hair, heart, indifferent, invalidate, mane, quiddity, reckless, stifle, drown, quench, smother, gag, thoughtless, vacancy, vacivity, vacuum, null, bubble, pore, annul, evacuate, decimal point, subsection

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