bribe synonyms and antonyms


English grease one's palms, bakshish, payoff, leftover, corrupt, scrap, buy, bit
French pot de vin, bout, fragment, lambeau, partie, relief, corrompre, dessous de table, soudoiement, soudoyer, suborner


English bribe, gratuity


English bribe, final payment, pay off, wages, return


English unexpended, picking, remainder, remnant
French bribe, restant, restante, débris, reliquat, reste, résidu, vestige


English bribe, corrupt, abandoned, addled, bad, corrupted, crooked, tainted, suborn, defile, debase, debauch, demoralise, demoralize, deprave, lead astray, misdirect, pervert, poison, profane, shady, spoil, subvert, ugly, vitiate
French corrompu, dévoyé, abaisser, abâtardir, corrompre, débaucher, dégrader, dépraver, renverser


English bit, scrap, fall out, jettison, junk, part, fight, rubbish, quarrel, trash
French bribe, petit morceau, bout, litige, bagarrer, chiffon, ferraille, lambeau


English bribe, buy, make buy, aby, bargain, accept, believe, cheap, purchase, procure, swallow, taking over
French buy, acheter, achat, acquérir, corrompre, emplette, faire des achats, racheter


English scrap, bit, drill bit, little bit, international labour organization, sucking louse, any amount, binary digit, coin, morsel, portion, snaffle, b, act, snatch, piece, spot, moment, little, mite, tad, trifle, bite, chip, chunk, duck, essence, flake, fleck, handful, in fact, louse, microbitcoin, ort, private, some amount, some extent, whit, beet
French bribe, bit, mors, copeau, déchirage, démolition, fragment, khabit, morceau, peu, pou, puce, surmonter, éclat

bribe antonyms

sell, fair, pure, save, rescue, much, lot, free, rent, christian, steal, money, deal, trade, betray, save money, disbelieve, cut rate sale, sale, fair haired, economic rent, rent out, save up, trade fair, village fair, selling, discredit, free of charge, free people, sell out, force sale, palm off, sell off, be sold out, extend sale of, find market for, expand market, find new market, be reluctant to sell, commercialize, feature, market, securitize, trade in, be famous, be popular, be well known, fetch, remain unsold, pump, cheap, flight, batch, yeast, abstract, also, bargain, charter, cheapskate, el cheapo, flimsy, inexpensive, miserly, penny pinching, penny wise, scrubby, stingy, chinchy, chintzy, gimcrack, cheapo, chore, deliver, deliverance, delivery, dirty, frugal, hers, hire, his, impeccable, innocent, just, knock down, lease, low cost, mean, stogie

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