bulk synonyms and antonyms


English bulk, dietary fibre, fiber, dietary fiber


English roughage, bulge, majority, dent, lump, volume, mass


English bulk, bag, bellying, protrude, bump, cockbulge, excrescence, extrusion, gibbosity, gibbousness, hump, jut, pouch, prominence, protrusion, protuberance, swelling


English bulk, volume, tome, loudness, exercise book, intensity, section, space, book, capacity, measure, tonnage
Norwegian bind, rominnhald, rominnhold, rommål, volum


English bulk, absolute majority, legal age, most
Norwegian fleirtal, flertall, myndigalder, myndighetsalder, myndigrettsalder, majoritet


English lump, tooth, cog, tine, incision, indent, dimple, ding, gouge, hollow, nick, prong, sawtooth, dentition, human tooth
Norwegian bulk, bungel


English bulk, dent, mass, ragamuffin, s.o.b, scamp, scoundrel, chunk, clod, hunk, blob, bloc, block, body, bump, butterfingers, clumsy, cluster, crowd, dollop, dullard, dumbo, growth, hill, knob, lummox, lumpfish, lumpsucker, mace, mogul, mound, nitwit, oaf, pad, size, slowcoach, swelling, thickness, unit, ball, lout, assemble, batter in, break in, combine, congregate, gather, knock down, rally, smash, stave in, collocate


English bulk, lump, mass, measure, anvil, gauge, holy communion, liver, aggregative, ma, multitude, massachusetts, batch, stein
Norwegian masse, messe, messe i musikk

bulk antonyms

divot, smooth, retail, ocean, energy, minor, department of energy, free energy, minority, smooth out, few, childhood, nonage, scant, some, bald, cofactor, couple, couple of, little, glib, infant, action, pep, foam, get up and go, go, iron, magic point, even, fluent, suave, unruffled, legato, polish, smoothen, unlined, wrinkle free, wrinkleless

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