bump off synonyms and antonyms

take care of

English bump off, care for, attend

bump off

English take care of, do in, murder, grease, wax

do in

English bump off, neutralize, top


English bump off, murder, bloodshed, dispatch, execution, hit, homicide, massacre, assassination, flock, manslaughter, assassinate, cruelly, kill, mar, put to death, spoil, thrash, mangle, off, polish off, remove, slaughter, slay, slaying


English bump off, grease, fat, dirt, lard, lubricating oil


English bump off, wax, sealing wax, buff, burnish, climb, full, furbish, increase, mount, polish, rise, shine, speak, waxen, beeswax, cerumen, earwax, shoe polish, vinyl, disc, become

bump off antonyms

killing, self, suicide, self killing, melted, wane, birth, give birth, liquid, liquified, molten, abate, decay, decline, decrease, diminishment, ebb, cleanup, kid, kill, sidesplitting, kitten, kitty, leveret, putting to death, slaughter, violent death, nascence, nascency, nativity, prophylactic, biological, parentage, parturition, ego

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