bunk synonyms and antonyms


English feed bunk, bunk bed, buncombe, bunkum, balderdash, guff, hogwash, berth, nonsense, rot, beat, run


English bunk, hokum


English bunk, fiddle faddle, piffle, poppycock


English bunk, fart, balls, brass neck, bullshit


English bunk, mumbo jumbo


English bunk, position, mooring, moor, berthage, built in bed


English bunk, nonsense, double dutch, fiddle faddle, fiddlefart, hokum, meaninglessness, nonsensical, falderal, nonsensicality, piffle


English bunk, rot, rotten, root, rat, belch, red, red hair, addled, advice, broken, burp, decay, disease, gules, putrefy, road, decomposition, putrefaction, waste, decompose, ruddy, street, wheel, erupt


English bunk, beat, beat out, beat stuffing out of, beat up, beat up against wind, fantabulosa, all in, rhythm, pulse, beatnik, meter, punch, exhaust, perplex, outwit, pulsate, drum, tick, beated, beaten, bushed, crush, drunk, drunken, flap, hammer, intoxicated, lambaste, larrup, outscore, outshine, own, pound, round, scramble, shell, tack about, thump, tipsy, tired, top, trounce, vanquish, wave about, way, whip, work over


English bunk, run, run away, run for, batch, black market, bleed, break away, consort, course, escape, execute, extend, feed, flow, fly coop, go, head for hills, hightail it, ladder, lam, lead, pass, playthrough, ravel, tread, test, discharge, footrace, political campaign, streak, rivulet, hunt, hunt down, hurry, ply, speed, track down, travel, melt, move, campaign, race, function, guide, carry, play, operate, prevail, range, tend, running, running game, running play, scarper, scat, secret, take to woods, tally, tremble, turn tail, unravel

bunk antonyms

walking, walk, step, sensible, crawl, stand, stop, stand still, walk slowly, still, speed walking, australian crawl, awake, front crawl, step dancing, garden walk, dance step, walk of life, walk free, preserve, slowly, leading tone, hypersensitised, sensate, sensitive, sentient, appreciable, confiture, judicious, keep, negro, schwartz, stand up, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, verdant, vert, rise, steppe, range, tap dance, green, black, sable, fawn, crawling, creep, creeping, leisurely, lento, little by little, merciful, jam, jelly, marmalade, nature reserve, conserve, save, continue, protect, reasonable, ponderously

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