calm synonyms and antonyms

simmer down

English calm, calm down


English simmer down, settle down, calm air, calm down, equanimity, tranquillise, tranquillize, mollify, placate, sedate, tranquilize, tranquil, pacify, placid, quieten, relaxed, unruffled, quiet, still, calm, abate, appease, composure, allay, steady, calmly, calmness, chill out, collected, composed, cool, cool as cucumber, cool it, cool off, delay, equanimous, level headed, lull, untroubled
Catalan tranquil, calm, aquietar, asserenar, calmar, calmar se, calmat, serè, tranquil·litzar
Romanian calm, lin, tăcere, liniștit

settle down

English calm, settle

calm down

English simmer down, calm, cool down, calm your tits, be still my heart, chill out, lull, chillax, come round, cool one's jets, pull in one's horns

calm air

English calm, calm air


English sedate, calm


English tranquillise, tranquillize, tranquilize, calm, unruffled, quiet, grave, composed, sober, thoughtful, staid, solemn
Catalan formal, greu, sedar, solemne


English sedate, calm, abate


English equanimity, composure, calmness, even mindedness, serenity
Romanian calm, liniște


English unruffled, calm, quiet, tranquil, leisurely, unworried, easygoing, peaceable, peaceful, quiescent, serene, unagitated


English placid, sedate, tranquil, quiet, still, calm, bald, smooth, clear, peaceful, serene, untroubled, unflustered
Catalan tranquil, quiet, assossegat, calmat, plàcid, serè


English pacify, placate, calm, abate, appease, assuage, chasten


English mollify, placate, calm, abate, appease, assuage, conciliate, gentle, gruntle, lenify, allay, locarnize
Catalan alleujar, apaivagar, aplacar, assossegar, pacificar, suavitzar


English mollify, calm, pacify, appease


English unruffled, placid, peaceable, even tempered, untroubled
Romanian calm, placid, liniștit


English tranquilize, quiet, calm, hush, pipe down, quiesce, quiet down, appease, assuage, soothe
Catalan apaivagar, apaivagar se, asserenar se, callar, calmar se, fer mutis, tranquil·litzar se


English quieten, sedate, calm, appease, assuage, soothe


English unruffled, tranquilize, quieten, sedate, calm, still, quiet, quiet down, motionless, abate, inaudible, lull, order, peaceable, pipe down, hushed, restrained, repose, silence, tranquillity, quietly, shut up, soft
Catalan tranquil, aturat, detingut, silenciós
Romanian liniștit, silențios, încet


English tranquilize, quieten, unruffled, quiet, calm, still, stock still, still and all, allay, breezeless, conversely, ease, noneffervescent, nonetheless, on other hand, pacific, peaceable, quiescent, relieve, reticent, shh, silent, static, fixed, motionless, soundless, distillery, hush, consistently, yet, at same time, undisclosed, zephyrless
Catalan quiet, alleugerir, alleujar, calmar, dissipar, fotograma, laxar, tranquil·litzar
Romanian mai, calma, liniști


English calm, casual, easy, limp

calm antonyms

do slow burn, seethe, anxious, disturbed, agitated, anger, enrage, get angry, hectic, audible, chaos, get really angry, stressed, madden, frantic, flustered, accented, hot and bothered, feverish, nonplussed, frustrated, sick, tense up, tense, excited, irritate, enraged, abate, aflutter, nervous, restless, troubled, uneasy, unquiet, unsettled, sounded, vocal, craze, disappointed, dismal, dreary, brainsick, disquieted, infuriated, frenetic, delirious, phrenetic, hearable, inflame, irate, mad as hatter, maladjusted, molest, on warpath, pester, plague, restive, rile, roil, set on edge, stir up, distressed, vex, worried, remorse, sorrow, village green, disorder, havoc, mayhem, mess, turmoil

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