carazo synonyms and antonyms


English ice, water ice, ice rink, express train, frappe, hail, internal combustion engine, methamphetamine, frosting, frost, methamphetamine hydrochloride, rock, sorbet, sparkler, wood
Galician carazo, carambelo, lazo, xeo
Spanish hielo, brillante, helar, roca


English ice, carazo

carazo antonyms

steam, cake, fire, water, piece of cake, steam up, steam clean, pound cake, set on fire, open fire, fire off, fog, water system, body of water, water down, bar, briquette, block, gâteau, patty, crust, coat, fruitcake, serial time encoded amplified microscopy, steamer, vapor, vapour, evaporate, sanforize, vaporize, früchtebrot, quick bread, crackpot

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