carry off synonyms and antonyms

carry off

English take away, pull off, eliminate

take away

English carry off, take out, bear away, carry away, take, bear off, detract, from, deduct, deprive, remove, subtract, takeout

pull off

English carry off, bring off, draw off, manage, negociate, layby, pluck


English carry off, annihilate, cast away, decimate, discard, do away with, exclude, remove, excrete, rule out, obviate, eradicate, expel, extinguish, get rid of, wipe out

carry off antonyms

bring, add, add up, add together, deliver, put, put option, provide, bring home bacon, cater, come up with goods, contribute, free, utter, give birth, render, hand over, surrender, extradite, rescue, disengage, drive home, pitch, ply, present, share, supply, put up, leave, redeem, save, road, sum, attention deficit disorder, ad d, annex, augment, bestow, coalesce, mention, total, lend, addition, append, cast up, cheek, enroll, bear, institute, fetch, convey, get, land, make for, play, take, work, wreak

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