cartridge synonyms and antonyms


English cartridge, pickup, pickup truck, getaway, phono cartridge, pick me up, tone arm


English pickup, magazine


English cartridge, magazine, magazine publisher, powder magazine, talk radio, department store, mag, periodical, cartridge holder, powder store, revue

cartridge antonyms

newspaper, drop, book, daily newspaper, newspaper publisher, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, rule book, daily paper, abandon, bead, bustard, curtain, decrease, dip, discharge, drib, driblet, drip, cliff, devolve, neglect, dribble, fell, shed, sink, flatten, spend, dismiss, dangle, fall, free fall, get rid of, hang, knock off, lose, lower, daily, newsprint, paper, pearl, put down, renounce, set down, subside, trapdoor, unload, dropped goal, field goal, liquorice

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