cash in one's chips synonyms and antonyms


English cash in one's chips, die, die out, the, an, become flat, buy farm, choke, conk, croak, decease, depart, dice, cube of chance, cube of fortune, cop it, expire, kick bucket, meet one's maker, pass away, pay debt of nature, perish, snuff it, take dirt nap, bite dust, fail, drop dead, exit, fall, give up ghost, go, pall, pass, pass on, pass over, pop off, that one, these, thigh, those, tue, day, abort, that

cash in one's chips antonyms

immortality, bloom, live, born, life, bloom of youth, night, max born, birth, give birth, life sentence, life time, birthday, undeadliness, blossom, flower, flush, efflorescence, blooming, blush, get on, natal day, prime, rosiness, salad days, take off, hare, book, terminal, innate, well, spring, bide, biological, parentage, parturition, birthdate, haunt, hot, in person, living, alive, alive p, resilient, dwell, go on

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