catch one's breath synonyms and antonyms


English catch one's breath, rest, eternal rest, leftovers, remainder, remains, residue, representational state transfer, remnant, breath, breathe, buttress, cradle, ease, erect, eternal sleep, quietus, relax, relaxation, remain, remaining, repose, reside, break, peace, sleep, lave, respite, be, breather, lay, lean, relieve, stay, perch, pillow, lie, scrap, stay over, surplus, take breather

catch one's breath antonyms

exercise, work out, work up, action, activity, energy, work, propel, awake, motion, play, out, set in motion, in motion, workout, add up, train, elaborate, solve, calculate, sleeping car, wakefulness, active, active voice, active agent, department of energy, free energy, physical exercise, tired, be tired of, propeller, legal action, military action, action mechanism, child's play, do work, dramatic play, drive on, impel, apparent motion, sleeplessness, watchfulness, busy, sleeping, moving, activeness, bodily process, natural process, attentive, conscious, alert, wake up, awaken, swamped, fussy, in use, interfering, dormant, industrious, move, occupy, piece of work, drive, motivate, put to work, theatre play, using, exploitation, work on

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