catch synonyms and antonyms

professional wrestling

French catch, lutte professionnelle


English professional wrestling, trip up, apprehend, seizure, snag, apprehension, overtake, arrest, attain, chorus, grasp, haul, observation, prize, snatch, capture, fang, stop, take, get, hitch, watch, contract, detect, fasten, gimmick, grab, match, net, overhear, pick up, snap, take hold of, take in, wrestling, game, sport, wrestle
French capture, stop, allumette, arrestation, atteindre, atteinte, attraper, avoir, capturer, lutte, lutte professionnelle, comprendre

trip up

English catch, trip, stumble


English apprehension, apprehend, stop, catch, detention, confinement, attract, cease, freeze, check, collar, halt, detain, hitch, obstruct, restraint, stay, stoppage
French détention, arrestation, arrêt, arrêter, domicile, halte


English arrest, catch, alarm, awareness, understanding, apprehensiveness, collar, detention, dread, knowledge, misgiving, pinch, taking into custody
French anxiété, appréhension, arrestation, col, collier, crainte


English catch, arrest, get picture, collar, quail at, understand
French appréhender, capturer, comprendre


English seizure, catch, take, capture, becharm, beguile, bewitch, captivate, get, appropriate, charm, enamor, enamour, enchant, entrance, fascinate, gaining control, trance
French capture, attirer, attraper, capter, captiver, capturer, charmer, comprendre, confiscation, enchanter, ensorceler, fasciner, prise, saisie, subjuguer


English capture, catch, fang, lap, mud, potter's clay, clay, clasp, cop, greet, land, griffon vulture, vulture
French croc, boue, fange


English catch, capture, seizure, apoplectic fit, ictus, raptus, stroke, spasm, stroke of apoplexy, visitation
French saisie, apoplexie, attaque, mainmise


English catch, banger, goby, hiccup, lull, obstacle, hitch, tine, snarler, hang up, rip, treecreeper
French aspérité, chicot, accroc, grain de sable dans l’ engrenage


English catch, catch up with, overwhelm, pass, surprise, take over
French doubler, dépasser


English arrest, catch, stop, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, alloy, abort, baiting place, barrier, block, come to halt, conclude, delay, detain, get off, halt, halting place, impede, intermission, interruption, kibosh, layover, obstruct, paralyse, plosive, prevent, prorogation, pull up, quit, restraint, ring down curtain, staging post, station, stay over, blockage, diaphragm, period, blin, brake, hang about, lodge, break, hold on, check, barricade, intercept, discontinue, end, stopover, stoppage, stopper, stopping place, whoa
French halte, arrêt, s arrêter, abattant, arrêter, baquet, butoir, butée, cesser


English acquire, arrive, arrive at, accomplish, achieve, encounter, find, get, run across, run up against, reach, fall upon
French catch, atteindre, hit, reach, score, strike, aboutir, parvenir


English catch, chorus line, greek chorus, choir, chorale, refrain, duet, refrein
French chœur, chœur antique, chorale, concert


English catch, take, general responsibility assignment software patterns, grab, hold, understanding, clasp, grip, appreciation, compass, comprehend, jump at chance, get picture, gripe, hold on, pick up on
French grip, agripper, mainmise, saisir, soupçonner


English catch, take, haul video, sun, cart, drag, hale, draw, schlep
French camionneur, haler, soleil, tirer


English catch, observation, attention, observance, notice, outsight, reflection, reflexion, remark, watching, surveillance, watch, comment, observer
French observation, remarque, réflexion


English catch, appreciate, award, booty, grade, have high regard for, lot, select, trophy, loot, respect, pry, think highly of, think well of, treasure, value
French estimer, aimer, apprécier, prise, prix, valeur


English catch, snatch up, bit, cunt, grab, gripe, snap, kidnapping, kidnap, vulva
oc aganchar, agantar, atrapar, emponhar, sasir
French empoigner, happer, saisir, arraché, bit, fragment, morceau, pièce


English catch, haul, capture, grasp, take away, accept, assume, base, distress, download, drive, emanate, get hold of, have, lay hold of, make

catch antonyms

begin, commence, deliver, rescue, get, bring, drive, develop, consolation, again, flow, escape, give, drop, add, add up, add together, once again, all over again, menachem begin, escape key, flow rate, illusion, misapprehension, make offer, offer, wrong number, mistake, offer up, rate of flow, verse line, verse, disk drive, line drive, drive on, drive through, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, materialize, take it away, sacrifice, casualty, victim, continue, running away, abide, acquire, appear, assignment, bear on, bid, bidding, carry on, come on, come up with goods, comfort, get down, start, continuation bet, proceed, retain, cover, stay, free, utter, give birth, render, hand over, surrender, extradite, deliverance, delivery, grow, break, build up, modernize, train, explicate, evolve, originate, disengage, drive home, expand, extend, get under one's skin, go along, go on, introduce, keep, keep on, last, maintain, make grow, persist in, pitch, poesy, poetise, poetize, present, preserve, proceed with, recover, redeem, ttr, liberate, recapture, release

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