champion synonyms and antonyms


English title holder, prizewinning, paladin, champ, warrior, supporter, fighter, ace, defend, hero, champion
French paladin, champion, championne, gampelen, crack, défendre, héros
German champ, champion, kurz, verfechten, vorkämpfer, gewinner, gewinnerin, meister, meisterin, sieger, siegerin, winner, kämpe, kämpfer
Polish champion, bojowiec, bojownik, czempion, mistrz, mistrzyni
Danish champion, mester


English champion, paladin
French paladin, héros


English champion, champ, ambit, battlefield, chew, chomp, field, quagmire, farmland, racetrack, scope, sphere, plain
French champ, champ chromatique, arène, chant, zone
German champion, champ, acker, feld, flur, land, parzelle
Polish champ, pole


English champion, fighter, warrior, warrior tracked armoured vehicle, virabhadrasana
French guerrier, guerrière, militaire
German krieger, recke, kriegerin
Polish wojownik, wojowniczka, żołnierka, żołnierz
Danish kriger, stridsmand


English champion, supporter, athletic supporter, admirer, booster, follower, friend, protagonist, support, adherent, proponent, garter, assistant, patron, tolerate, bear, shoulder, sports fan, be in charge of, be responsible for, put up with, stand, withstand, digest, yield, wear, sympathizer
French champion, supporter, partisan, supporteur, supporteuse, supportrice, admirateur, ami, encadrer, protagoniste, support, tenir le coup
German aushalten, fan, verkraften, überstehen, anhänger, unterstützer, ertragen, tragen
Polish stronnik, kibic


English warrior, champion, fighter, fighter aircraft, fighter plane, attack aircraft, combatant
French fighter, combattant, lutteur, avion de chasse
German the fighter, jagdflugzeug, kampfflugzeug, kämpfer
Polish fighter, myśliwiec, samolot myśliwski, bojownik, wojownik
Danish the fighter, kriger


English champion, ace, a, excellent, first rate, outstanding, asexy, pip, allied command europe, one, angiotensin converting enzyme, pass with flying colours, breeze through, adept, asexual, ation, crackerjack, fiend, genius, guru, hotshot, maven, mavin, sensation, star, superstar, tight, virtuoso, whiz, whizz, wiz, wizard
French ace, as, expert, génie, sensation, trou en un
German ace, ass
Polish as, wymiatacz
Danish star, stjerne


English champion, maintain, fight, fence, fend for, guard, hold, protect, represent, support
French défendre, aider, garder, protéger, présenter, représenter, retenir, soutenir, tenir
German verfechten, verteidigen, wehren


English champion, hero, hero of alexandria, branding iron, good guy, hera, sub, bomber, knight in shining armor, lead character, legend, character
French hero, héros, fer, héroïne
German eisen, held, heroe, heldin, kriegsheld, kriegsheldin
Polish bohater, heros, półbóg, rycerzyk, bohaterka
Danish helt, heltinde

champion antonyms

detractor, loser, attack, villain, depreciator, cynic, defamation, libel, mudslinger, slander, disparager, hater, knocker, detest, hate, opponent, baddie, cad, evil doer, imp, adversary, also ran, failure, foe, lost soul, antagonist, opposition, opposing, opposite side, wretch, abhor, abominate, dislike, loathe, affect, aggress, assail, assault, approach, fire, attempt, denounce, drive, incursion, lash out, lunge, scoundrel, slob, bad guy, criminal, crook, knave, peasant, rascal, scamp, serf, villein, onrush, onset, onslaught, raid, round, snipe, thrust, tone beginning, visitation

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