change synonyms and antonyms

change oneself

English change, get changed


English change oneself, exchange rate, entitize, adjustment, alteration, alternation, deepen, commute, adjust, affect, alter, transition, variety, transform, switch, transfer, convert, accident, exchange, change, innovation
French change, changement, changer, muter, se transformer
nrf changi, changier

exchange rate

English exchange rate, rate of exchange
French change, cours de change, taux de change


English alteration, change, accommodation, correction, modification, allowance, adaptation, fitting, lay out, readjustment, registration, set up
French adaptation, accommodation, ajustage, ajustement, rectification, réajustement, réglage


English adjustment, accident, change, revision, modification
French adaptation, ajustement, altération, modification


English convert, transform, change, format, objectify, reformat


English entitize, commute, change, change over, convertee, convince, win over
French convertir, abattre, convaincre, inspirer, reconvertir, surmonter, traduire, transformation, transformer, vaincre


English entitize, affect, change, alter, metamorphose, translate, transmorph, transmute, transubstantiate, clip, trim, clipping
French transformer, galvauder, transformée, transmuter


English convert, change, exchange, commutate, permute, transpose
French commuer, commuter, convertir, faire la navette, transposer, échange, échanger


English alteration, change, accident, inflection, affection, befalling, calamity, casualty, casus, condition, contingency, contingent, fortuitous, fortuity, hap, hazard, misadventure, miscarriage, mischance, misfortune, mishap, modification, property, quality, state, unforeseen, chance event, crash, disaster, perdurant, stroke


English transform, alter, change, affect, act upon, adopt, aim at, assume, concern, crave, feign, improve, influence, interest, melt, modify, move, overcome, regard, relate, subdue, yearn for, attack, fake, involve, attitudinize, bear on, bear upon, have effect, impact, impress, pretend, put on airs, strike, touch, touch on
French affect, affecter, toucher, feindre, influer, léser, minauder, opérer, remuer, émouvoir


English affect, change, transform, altar, man, old age, age, elderly, old man, interpolate, castrate, counterchange, falsify, hot rod, neuter, oldness, other, second, spay, vary
French vieil homme, âge, altérer


English change, alternation
French alternance, alternat


English change, depthen, heighten, intensify
French approfondir, changer, transformer


English commute, change, exchange, substitution, central, rally, interchange, truck, switch over, substitute, replace, swapping, transpose
French change, troc, échange, troquer, échanger


English change, accustom oneself, adapt, modify, rearrange, align, arrange, balance, conform, correct, determine, get used to, regularize, set, set aright, settle
French ajuster, accommoder, adapter, correspondre, fixer, rajuster, régler


English change, transition, modulation, special education, passage, conversion


English change, variety, equational variety, variety show, variety entertainment, lect, race, difference, diversity, mixture, sort, diverseness, kind, assortment


English change, switch, network switch, electric switch, electrical switch, switch over, cane, change over, commutate, flag, point, points, scissors, shift, crop, substitution, interchange, throw, trade, switching, toggle
French commutateur réseau, interrupteur


English change, transfer, transfer of training, transfer payment, assignment, carry over, deed, download, move, pass, reassign, shift, transferal, transportation, copy, transmit, remove, transplant, transferee, transference, transpose
French transfert, transférer

change antonyms

paper money, folding money, paper currency, hell money, on purpose, constant, advisedly, deliberately, designedly, intentionally, purposely, wilfully, intellect, permanent, exact, dollar, paper, money, folding stuff, permanent wave, apostate, deconvert, united states dollar, monotony, constant quantity, dollar bill, dollar mark, dollar sign, pervert, planned, notes, abuse, aforethought, daily paper, degenerate, deviant, deviate, humdrum, keep, keep open, mind, one dollar bill, reason, bills, perm, remain, cold perm, accurate, accurately, be kept in, claim, continual, detail oriented, durable, enduring, perfect, precise, spot on, strict, demand, exactly, head, intellectual, just, lasting, longevous, misuse, notebook, on nose, perv, corrupt, divert, misapply, twist, await, belave, endure, linger, rest, stay, persist, right, sameness, stay on, stay over, straggle, torture, word for word, wrapping paper, correct, prompt, proper, punctual, timely, notepad, brambling, killing floor

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