changement synonyms and antonyms


English change management, sea change, changing, substitution, variety, change
French changement, accommodation, modification, mutation, métamorphose, révolution, transformation, évolution, innovation, nouveauté, progrès, transsubstantiation, voltigement
German changement, abwechslung, abänderung, vertauschung, wechsel, änderung, umstellung, veränderung, wandel

change management

French changement, accompagnement au changement

sea change

French changement, sea change, profondeur


English ever changing, changeover, relief
French changement, relief, muable, relève, variable


English substitution, substitution reaction, replacement, commutation, exchange, permutation, switch, transposition, refilling
French changement, substitution, remplacement, permutation, transposition, échange
German substitution, auswechslung, einwechslung, ersatz, ersatzprobe, kommutation, quidproquo, austausch, ersetzung


English change, variety, equational variety, variety show, variety entertainment, lect, race, difference, diversity, mixture, sort, diverseness, kind, assortment
French changement, variety, changer, choix, transformer, variété
German variety, abart, varietät, vielfalt, kind, variation


English variety, change, change oneself, accident, adjust, adjustment, affect, alter, alteration, alternation, transition, transform, deepen, switch, transfer, exchange, commute, convert, entitize, exchange rate, innovation, modification, modify, tack, turn, variate, vary, currency exchange, letter of credit, rate of exchange
French changement, change, changer, muter, se transformer, altération, bouger, convertir, immobilisme, modification, modifier, monnaie, mutation, pièce de monnaie, remplacer, remédier, revoir, tournure, transformer, variation, varier, échanger, évolution
German changement, abwechslung, abändern, abänderung, erneuern, kleingeld, modifizieren, schalten, umspannen, umsteigen, verändern, veränderung, vokalwechsel, wandel, wechsel, wechselgeld, wechseln, wende, ändern, änderung, übergehen, mutation, variation, wandeln

changement antonyms

paper money, folding money, paper currency, hell money, constant, stagnation, permanent, tradition, exact, static, dollar, paper, money, stable, folding stuff, atmospheric static, monotony, permanent wave, constant quantity, united states dollar, daily paper, dollar bill, dollar mark, dollar sign, humdrum, stationary, notes, atmospherics, doldrums, one dollar bill, sameness, bills, perm, remain, cold perm, custom, accurate, accurately, be kept in, claim, continual, detail oriented, durable, enduring, perfect, precise, spot on, strict, demand, exactly, hadith, just, lasting, longevous, notebook, on nose, await, belave, endure, linger, rest, stay, persist, right, stagnancy, immobility, marasmus, stillness, wasting, still, electrostatic, motionless, unchanging, changeless, fixed, immobile, stay on, stay over, straggle, word for word, wrapping paper, correct, prompt, proper, punctual, timely, notepad, killing floor, assiduous, truehearted, unfaltering, unvarying

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