chap synonyms and antonyms


English feller, fella, geezer, homey, bloke, chap, bruce, dude, guy, cove, cave, cavern, friend, recess
French type, caverne, grotte, anse, baie, crique, panier


English cove, fella, geezer, homey, bloke, chap, dude, guy, lumberman


English feller, bloke, cove, bruce, geezer, homey, chap, dude, guy, fell


English feller, cove, fella, homey, bloke, chap, dude, bruce, guy, geyser, spiv, wide boy
French bougre, gars, mec, homme, mâle, type, vieux croûton


English feller, bloke, cove, fella, geezer, bruce, chap, dude, guy, cosy, cozy, friendly, homely, homy, intimate, homelike, homeboy


English chap, pest, smegger


English blighter, feller, bloke, bruce, cove, fella, geezer, homey, crevice, cuss, customer, dude, guy, kid, fellow, bird, boy, child, dog, gent, lad, left
French bougre, mec, quidam, gercer, gars, individu


English fella, feller, homey, bruce, chap, cove, dude, geezer, fellow, guy, dog, anglophone, covey, finger, block, bloc
French chap, guy, gars, mec, type, anglais, canadian, canadien anglais, tête carrée


English feller, bloke, cove, bruce, fella, geezer, homey, chap, guy, fellow, bagpipes, masher, metrosexual, broha, bruh, dandy, dudine, emmet, fop, grockle, mate, hoss, lad
French bloke, chap, guy, cornemuse, mec, pinpin, dandy, gars, mate, type


English fella, homey, bloke, chap, cove, dude, geezer, guy, bruce, robert bruce, sir david bruce


English chap, crack, cranny, fissure
French fente, fissure


English cove, fella, geezer, homey, bloke, chap, dude, guy, colleague, buster, compatriot, co, even, friend, human being, boyfriend, companion, mate
French guy, colleague, collègue, confrère, consœur, camarade, homme, individu, mec, pays, pinpin


English chap, bad word, curse, pest, blaspheme
French blasphémer, swear, jurer


English fella, feller, homey, bloke, chap, cove, dude, geezer, bruce, fellow, bird, guy, guy rope, guy cable, guy wire, baobab, bozo, bull, cat, guyline, people, jeer, make fun, ridicule, hombre, sod, st vitus
French guy, gars, mec, hauban, baobab, chat, homme, individu, méchant, pinpin, zigomar


English chap, client, buyer, consumer
French client, au sens économique, klant, un client


English chap, child, kid, kid leather, thomas kid, bairn, banter, cabrito, chaff, fawn, gal, joke, jolly, josh, pull leg of, kidskin, kiss, tease
French kid a, biquet, chevreau, chevrette, enfant, faon, gamin, gosse, mouflet, moujingue, môme, plaisanter, quinquin, rigoler


English chap, guy, bird, adjutant, broad, fowl, porridge, chick, dame, girl, lass, time, shuttlecock, boo, birdwatch, finger, gal, ibrr
French bird, oiseau, oiselet, oiselle, taule, tôle, doigt d honneur, petit oiseau, porridge, stretch, gonzesse, nana, volaille


English chap, boy, tribe, bellboy, bhoy, brat, lad, manservant, son, male child, john, page, rich, size, smell, stature, youth, dancer
French boy, garçon, jeune homme, longueur, serviteur


English chap, kid, child, baby, bairn, binary clone, descendant, offspring, product, fry, minor, nestling, nipper, shaver, small fry, tiddler, tike, tyke, youngster
French kid, enfant, bambin, bébé, enfance, môme, petit, pédophilie


English bloke, dog, domestic dog, bag, broon, broonale, canine, canis familiaris, cur, andiron, cad, click, hound, pooch, stud, pawl, frank, frump, chase, soldier, doggy, however, journey into space
French bloke, chap, chien

chap antonyms

girl, gal, lass, chick, daughter, men, adult, lady, doll, merchant, uncle, man, fish, animal, sister, traveling salesman, chick blinds, isle of man, load, salesman, gallium, gaul, animal translations, daughter language, dealer, go fish, salmon, young girl, adopt, brother, main, employee, brat, bile, maine, effusion, gallic, spout, a'man, abrupt, accept, affiliate, appropriate, approve, assume, avow, espouse, father, foster, maintain, dramatize, big, blue, grown up, pornographic, fully grown, affect, bantling, biddy, borrow, bratwurst, terror, but, carry, fledgling

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