charta synonyms and antonyms


English charter, map, paper
Latin biblus, chartina, epistola, littera, forma, mappa, tabula


English charter, lease, rent, deed, chartered
German charta, vermietung, chartern, charterflug, charterflugzeug


English map, map out, associative array, folder, half board, chart, mapping, plan, represent, briefcase
German einzeichnen, karte, kartografieren, landkarte, mappen, vermessen, chart, plan
Latin charta, tabula, tabula geographica


English paper, daily paper, wrapping paper, function, character, actor's line, sheet, daily newspaper, essay, newspaper, bookfell, composition, wallpaper, document
German paper, blättchen, abhandlung, publikation, thesenpapier, veröffentlichung, papier, tapezieren, zeitung, essay, journal

charta antonyms

rock, stone, plastic, coin, cardboard, pen, rock paper scissors, wood, tree, change, scissors, card, rock music, rock n roll, playing card, calling card, filing card, identity card, index card, plastic explosive, change oneself, pasteboard, edward durell stone, harlan fisk stone, harlan fiske stone, isidor feinstein stone, lucy stone, oliver stone, wood lot, ellen price wood, grant wood, natalie wood, sir henry joseph wood, unlifelike, paperboard, cling film, composition board, rock candy, john rock, rock and roll, tree diagram, sir herbert beerbohm tree, pretty, bit, boner, bread, calculus, mint, corral, counterinsurgency, earthen, endocarp, feather, fold, forest, head translations, lapidate, lumber, nook, ersatz, fake, malleable, formative, moldable, pliant

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