chauffieren synonyms and antonyms


English chauffeur, drive


English chauffeur, stoker, driver, drive around
German chauffieren, chauffeur, fahrer, kraftfahrer, autofahrer, chauffeuse, berufschauffeur, berufschauffeurin, chauffeurin, schofför, schofförin


English drive, disk drive, line drive, drive on, drive through, rehearse, tee shot, aim, avenue, compel, ambition, approach, attack, desire, driveway, engine, ride, campaign, force, herd, impel, make, move, take, repel, tug, driving, driving force, get, get up and go, incitement, motivation, motor, parkway, propel, show way, thrust, use
German chauffieren, drive, abschlag, antreiben, antrieb, drehzahl, drang, dynamik, elan, energie, faible, neigung, power, schmiss, schwung, tendenz, treibschlag, verve, laufwerk, tatendrang, treiben

chauffieren antonyms

garden, park, walking, walk, inertia, passenger, idle, ride, stop, reverse, parked, speed walking, ride cymbal, garden walk, reverse gear, walk of life, walk free, idleness, inactiveness, inertness, mungo park, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, back, black eye, blow, bludge, calamity, contrary, disaster, embarkee, pointless, dead, light, loose, out of work, unused, unwarranted, inactive, invert, laze, loaf, sleuth, inertial, alloy, alley, base on balls, common, commons, full, green, kittiwake, manner of walking, misfortune, opposite, passive, recumbent, reversal, inverse, rearward, reversion, change by reversal, overrule, revoke, reversed, rider, setback, slug, stagnate, standstill, tick over, verso, walk to

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