chaussee synonyms and antonyms


English country road, rural road, highway

country road

German chaussee, landstrasse

rural road

German chaussee, landstrasse


English highway, high road, expressway, freeway, hwy, interstate, motorway, parkway, main road, roadway, way
German chaussee, highway, bundesautobahn, hauptstrasse

chaussee antonyms

way, low, low lying, low pitched, low toned, sir david alexander cecil low, bas relief, deep, depression, execrable, ignoble, little, sawed off, blue, immoral, nether, reduced, short, depleted, down in mouth, humble, humiliated, miserable, first gear, moo, softly, weak, expedience, long, pass, path, significantly, sister, stepping stone, tread, use, advance, alley, approach, artery, behaviour, channel, course, custom, device, distance, fashion, guise, habitude, highroad, interval, journey, manner, method, pathway, practice, road, scheme, second nature, space, step, street, trail, usage, wise, wont, means, direction, room, far, so, right smart, way of life

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