chill out synonyms and antonyms

calm down

English chill out, chillax, calm, calm your tits, simmer down, cool down, be still my heart, lull, come round, cool one's jets, pull in one's horns
German besänftigen, beruhigen
Hungarian lecsillapodik, megnyugszik
Italian calmarsi, tranquillarsi, tranquillizzarsi

chill out

English calm down, chillax, chill out, wind down, chill, calm
German chill out, entspannen
Italian chill out, calmarsi, rilassarsi


English chill out, calm down, good


English chill out, chill, affright, calm your tits, frisson, cool, gelidity, iciness, pall, shivering, stone, take it easy
German chill, chillen, kälte
Italian freddezza, fresco, frescura, gelo, raffreddamento, brivido, gelidezza


English calm down, chill out, settle down, simmer down, calm, equanimity, abate, appease, tranquil, composure, calm air, allay, mollify, pacify, placate, sedate, steady, calmly, calmness, collected, composed, cool, cool as cucumber, cool it, cool off, delay, equanimous, level headed, lull, placid, quiet, quieten, relaxed, still, tranquilize, tranquillise, tranquillize, unruffled, untroubled
Romanian calm, lin, tăcere, liniștit
German beruhigen, flaute, gelassen, gleichmütig, ruhe, ruhig, stillen, windstill, windstille
Italian acquietarsi, ammansire, ammansirsi, calmare, calmarsi, calmo, pacare, pacarsi, placare, placarsi, placido, quieto, rabbonire, rabbonirsi, racchetare, sereno, sopire, tranquillare, tranquillizzare, tranquillizzarsi, tranquillo

chill out antonyms

excited, worked up, do slow burn, seethe, agitated, anxious, disturbed, get angry, aroused, emotional, hectic, chaos, anger, rough, get really angry, riled, irritated, frantic, stormy, flustered, enraged, frustrated, abate, disappointed, dismal, dreary, brainsick, disquieted, infuriated, hot and bothered, frenetic, delirious, phrenetic, feverish, irate, mad as hatter, maladjusted, nonplussed, on warpath, rough in, sick, troubled, unquiet, unsettled, remorse, sorrow, panic, badly, disorder, havoc, mayhem, mess, turmoil, affright, aflutter, nervous, restless, uneasy, angstful, careful, concerned, solicitous, watchful, queasy, bad, poorly, disadvantageously, mischievously, seriously, bedlam, behave, coarse, confusion, dying, enthusiastic, activated, fainthearted, harsh, horror, ill, impolite, lose one's head, pandemonium, restive, rile, see red, snafu, storm wracked, tempestuous, topsy turviness, topsy turvydom, topsy turvyness, upset, wigged out, worried

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