chirp synonyms and antonyms


English stridulate, chirrup, chirp


English chirr, chirrup, chirp, clitter


English stridulate, chirr, peep, chirp, twitter


English tweedle, stridulate, chirr, chirrup, peep, song, chirp
Portuguese chirp, chilro, gorjeio, trinado, chilrear, gorjear, trinar
French chirp, gazouiller, gazouillis, pépier, striduler, piaillement, pépiement, piailler
Hebrew chirp, ציוץ
Italian chirp, cri cri, cinguettio, trillo, cinguettare
German chirp, zwitschern, zirpen


Portuguese piar, trinar


English chirrup, chirp, cheep, keek, pip, peek
Portuguese chilrear, cricrilar, gorjear, piar, pipilar, espreitar
French pépiement, gazouiller, pioupiou, pépier
Italian cinguettio, pigolio, squittio, sbirciare, spuntare, garrire, pigolare
German blick, piep, piepsen, lugen


English chirp, song, bird song, track, angry, ballad, bed, rattan, birdsong, mite, pittance, shoestring, songjiang, sung, birdcall, strain, two, vocal, hernia
Portuguese cantiga, canção, canções
French song, chanson, f, cantique, chant, lit
Hebrew שיר, פזמון
Italian canzone, canto, canzonetta
German song, lied, sang, gesangsstück, gesangstück, musikstück, gesang, peanuts

chirp antonyms

instrumental, noise, dance, silence, instrumental case, dance music, electronic dance music, make noise, trouble, trouble oneself, talk of town, talk, instrumentality, be quiet, inaudibility, implemental, lyricless, ministerial, toolkit, toolset, talc, disturbance, haphazardness, interference, adversity, agitate, annoy, annoyance, bother, calamity, care, cross, difficulty, discommode, disoblige, distress, disturb, ennui, hardship, ill, incommode, inconvenience, irritant, noiselessly, quiet, quietly, quietness, hush, whist, muteness, secrecy, silently, over, lull, conversation, converse, dancing, throw shapes, gas, lecture, misfortune, molest, move, murky

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