chronisch synonyms and antonyms


English chronic, ineradicable, deep rooted, ingrained, radicated, unrepentant, chronically
German chronisch, eingefleischt


English inveterate, chronic
German chronisch, andauernd, beständig, dauernd, hartnäckig, kontinuierlich, langwierig, pausenlos, permanent, schleichend, stetig, ständig, unaufhörlich, wiederkehrend, zäh


English inveterate, chronic, continuing
German chronisch, the chronic
Dutch chronisch, the chronic

chronisch antonyms

acute, casual, transient, acute accent, acute angled, sporadic, accidental, contingent, fortuitous, incidental, informal, offhand, random, relaxed, unexpected, everyday, fooling, free and easy, insouciant, occasional, perfunctory, chance, effortless, haphazard, critical, causeless, co occurrent, intense, needlelike, penetrative, astute, bright, common cold, high, keen, brief, ephemeral, fleeting, flighty, fugacious, passing, temporary, transitory, short lived, transeunt, homeless, itinerant, sagacious, sharp, vicious

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