circus synonyms and antonyms


English genus circus, carnival, circle, circus
Catalan genus circus, circus, circ
German circus, platz, weihe, zirkus
Basque circus, zirku
Finnish circus, circus suku, sirkus, kilpakenttä, sirkusteltta, suohaukat, tivoli
French circus, cirque, carnaval, cercle, chapiteau
Hungarian circus, cirkusz
Latin circus hodiernus, amphitheatrum, orbis, cyclus


English circus, carnival, fair, funfair
Catalan carnaval, carnestoltes, fira
German karneval, karneval fastnacht und fasching, karnevalszeit
Basque feria, inauteri
Finnish karnevaali, laskiainen, kiertävä tivoli, markkinat, tivoli
French carnaval, foire, honnête, équité


English circle, traffic circle, dress circle, adherents, belt, arc, bunch, coil, disc, orbit, lap, set, encircle, cirque, go around, go round, orb, round, supporters, world
Catalan amfiteatre, cercle, circumferència, rodona
German einkreisen, kreis, kreisen
Dutch cirkel, kring
Basque zirkulu, anfiteatro, biribil
Finnish ympyrä, ensi parvi, kehä, kierrellä, kiertää ympyrää, kiertää ympäri, parvi, piiri
French cercle, balcon, boucle, circuler, rond, sphère
Latin circus, circulus

circus antonyms

square, box, line, triangle, straight line, agate line, box tree, box seat, text box, box up, box lacrosse, business line, dividing line, line segment, production line, telephone line, credit line, line of business, line of merchandise, line of products, roof square, steel square, public square, square meal, square toes, square up, product line, rail line, railway line, boxing, balance, bourgeois, cigarette, foursquare, just, lame, speaker, bank, boxwood, boxful, case, computer, cup, loge, shelter, telly, blow, cuff, punch, corner, boxhaul, chest, coffer, contrast, cubicle, demarcation, diameter, edge, father, game, horsebox, house, equator, flax, rope, epistle, lineup, row, occupation, cable, pipeline, argumentation, channel, note, tune, course, lineage, wrinkle, trace, loggia, package, pants, parameters, penalty area, place, playpen, plaza, right angle, second power, above board, orthogonal, satisfying, straight, straightforward, hash, piazza, tetragon, squarely, feather, straight ahead, vulva

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