clash synonyms and antonyms


English clang, collide, encounter, friction, conflict, jar, brush, clash
German clash, the clash, gefecht, konflikt


English clash, clang, clangor, clangoring, clangour, clank, crash, go off


German kollidieren, prallen, plauzen, zusammenstossen


English clash, conflict, brush, encounter, action, attain, battle, coming upon, confrontation, meeting, meet, find, run into, engage, experience, incur, live to see
German encounter, begegnen, begegnung, treffen


English clash, friction, detrition, rub, rubbing
German friktion, reibung


English encounter, conflict, action, battle, antagonism, clashing, collision, combat, contest, disagreement, discord, fight, inconsistency, inharmony, interference, struggle, dispute, disagree, contravene, difference, discordance, discrepancy, infringe, run afoul, strife
German clash, konfligieren, konflikt, zwiespalt, zwietracht, gegensatz, opposition, streit


English clash, spring, poison, ravine, shake up, washing up liquid, year, agitate, bump around, gorge, pot, jolt, jarful
German frühjahr, frühling, gefäss, glas


English clash, encounter, brush, paint brush, action, tail, brushing, brushwood, coppice, copse, light touch, skirmish, sweep, thicket
German backpinsel, besen, busch, bürste, bürsten, malen, polieren, quaste, pinsel

clash antonyms

peace, paint, slip, can, anger, peace of mind, peace treaty, slip of paper, slip of tongue, slip one's mind, slip up, tin can, aluminum can, can buoy, fury, rage, wrath, dog, canadian dollar, soul, briefs, ataraxis, dock, drop away, drop off, eluding, elusion, error, face card, fall away, filing card, heartsease, index card, ink, rouge, key, color, colour, pigment, may, milk, miscue, parapraxis, pot, put up, sack, shirttail, sideslip, sing, skid, blooper, lapse, faux pas, case, chemise, strip, slickness, mooring, cutting, dislocate, err, steal, sneak, swimming trunks, tin, toilet, trigger, trip, pants, underpants, undies, pair of trousers, pantie, trousers, ways, opportunity

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