classic rock synonyms and antonyms

classic rock

English smooth, classic rock


English smooth, smooth out, bald, glib, even, fluent, suave, unruffled, legato, polish, smoothen, unlined, wrinkle free, wrinkleless
German smooth, glatt, pastös
Portuguese smooth, alisar, liso, macio, suave
Russian smooth, гладкий
Turkish smooth, düz, pürüzsüz
Finnish sileä, lieventää, pehmeä, selvittää, silotella, silottelu, tasainen, tasoittaa
Italian smooth, liscio, mellifluo, appianare, levigare, lisciare
Malay classic rock, smooth, licin, halus, lecok, lelas, lembut, lincir, melicinkan, memalis, rata, tenang

classic rock antonyms

unsmooth, rough, bumpy, uneven, wire haired, rough coated, wiry coated, ruff, course, tommy ruff, course of action, course of instruction, course of study, rugged, forecastle, rough in, lump, jolting, burly, hardy, knaggy, philomachus pugnax, woof, roughy, choker, frill, trump, ruffe, broken, furrowed, tough, trumping, mismatched, odd, scratchy, ragamuffin, s.o.b, scamp, scoundrel, action, aim, chunk, class, clod, coarse, path, naturally, run, errand, field, harsh, hunk, impolite, line, blob, bloc, block, body, bulk, bump, butterfingers, clumsy, cluster, crowd, dent, dollop, dullard, dumbo, growth, hill, knob, lummox, lumpfish, lumpsucker, mace, mass, mogul, mound, nitwit, oaf, pad, size, slowcoach, swelling, thickness, unit, ball, lout, assemble, batter in, break in, combine, congregate, gather, knock down, rally, smash, stave in, collocate, platter, race, racecourse, racetrack, racing, raspy, vulgar, approximative, boisterous, crude, gravelly, pugnacious, rocky, uncut, roughly, row, running track, track, trend, unsettled, way, wheelbarrow race, rush, shopping, pursuit, footrace

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