clothe synonyms and antonyms


English clothe, dress


English enclothe, drape, robe, attire, invest, cloak, dress


English clothe, curtain


English enclothe, attire, clothe, full dress, dress out, dress up, suit, outfit, accouter, apparel, arrange, casually, coif, coiffe, coiffure, curry, decorate, do, don, coat, costume, feathering, frock, gown, plumage, skirt, bandage, get dressed, prepare, tie, preen, snip, trim, fit out, garb, garment, groom, habilitate, line up, raiment, set, tog


English clothe, dress, robe, evening gown, gown, vest, coat


English clothe, dress, clothing, dress up, garb


English clothe, adorn, commit, enthrone, endow, induct, place, put, vest


English clothe, dissemble, disguise

clothe antonyms

disinvest, divest, strip, disrobe, undress, naked, nude, pants, trousers, dagger, costume, hang, man, long, suit, long skirt, skirt, uncloak, comic strip, nude sculpture, nude painting, nude person, pair of trousers, unmask, dismantle, unclothe, uncover, deprive, hang about, hang up, hang down, pair of pants, peel, slip off, stark bollock naked, strip show, unrobe, isle of man, a'man, as long as, bareskin, bloomers, discase, drawers, knickers, long time, custom, habitude, practice, habit, comics, cave, bare, outfit, dress up, folkway, las vegas, flesh colored, au naturel, nudity, obelisk, pantaloons, sticker, strip down, swimsuit, slacks, uncase, wont, two piece, assiduity

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