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get on with

English get along with, begin
Portuguese com, andar logo
Spanish comenzar, continuar, empezar, hacer, proceder, proseguir, realizar, seguir
Finnish aloittaa, käydä käsiksi
Armenian անցնել, ձեռնամուխ լինել
Japanese つき合う, やって行く, 付き合う, 付合う, 遣って行く
Dutch aan de gang gaan met, doorgaan
Czech dát se do toho, jít na to
German begeben, fortfahren
Russian приступать, приступить, продолжать, продолжить
Chinese 契合, 持续, 继续


English get on with, alongside, successfully, thirsty, how, with, com
Portuguese com, para com, a, a favor de, contra, em, em companhia de, junto de, por causa de, tendo
Spanish com, con
French com, avec, comme, comment, tant, a, ao
Italian com, con
Japanese com, コム, 計算機出力マイクロフィルミング
Catalan com, tant
German com, airbrushen, mit, weil, wie, wie bitte
Chinese com, 抗母


English aboard, along, near to
Portuguese com, ao lado, ao lado de, ao longo, aoladode, junto a, ao longo de
Spanish al costado, al lado, al lado de, junto a
Finnish vieressä, aivan vieressä, aluksen sivulla, kyljessä, kyljittäin, vierekkäin
French le long de, par le travers, à côté de, côtoyer
Italian accanto, parallelamente
Japanese 沿う, 並んで, 側
Swedish längs, längsmed
Chinese 并肩, 在旁


English adequately, agreeably, capably, competently, efficaciously, efficiently, favorably, proficiently, properly, satisfactorily, satisfyingly
Portuguese com, com sucesso
Finnish menestyksellisesti, onnistuneesti
Italian con successo, felicemente
Japanese うまく, まんまと, 上手く, 巧く, 旨々, 旨く, 旨旨, 首尾よく, 首尾良く


English dry, athirst, parched
Portuguese com, sedento, sede, sequioso
Finnish janoinen, imukykyinen
French avoir soif, assoiffé
Korean 갈증나다, 목마르다
Latin siccus, sitiens
Malay dahaga, haus, kering tekak
Arabic ظامي, عطشان
Romanian setos, însetat
Russian жаждущий, томимый жаждой, хотеть пить
Swedish törstande, törstig
Thai กระหาย, ที่ซับน้ําได้ดี, ที่ซึมซับได้ดี, หิวน้ํา
Chinese 口渴, 渴, 颈渴


English here, however, in what way
Portuguese o quanto, quanto
Spanish cuan, cómo
French comme, comment, vache
Armenian ինչպէս, որքան
Japanese どうやったら, どうやって, どう言う, どの様に, どんなに, なして, ハウ, 争で, 何ぞ, 何で, 何と, 何という, 何と言う, 何の様に, 何ぼ, 何ぼう, 何ゆえ, 何故, 哉, 奈何, 奚, 如何, 如何いう, 如何した, 如何して, 如何に, 如何にして, 如何様, 如何言う, 安んぞ, 焉んぞ, どう, どのように
Latvian cik, kā
Arabic كيف, ازي
Bulgarian как, колко
Czech jak, zač
Norwegian hvor, kor
Russian как, насколько
Turkish nasıl, nice
Vietnamese làm sao, sao, thế nào
Chinese 何, 何尝, 何等, 何许, 几多, 哪, 多, 多么, 奈何, 如何, 宁, 岂, 怎, 怎么, 怎么样, 怎么着, 怎样, 怎生, 怎的, 恁, 曷, 焉, 讵, 那, 几


English across from, by means of, gas, in case of, in exchange for, opposed to, c̄, w
Portuguese com, contra
French avec, contre, muni
Japanese と, ぐるみ, に伴い, を以って, を以て, 以ちまして, 以って, 以て, 供に, 倶に, 共に
Dutch met, tegen
Czech s, proti, se
German bei, mit, mittels, samt, gegen
Slovak s, so
Swedish med, mot
Chinese 一起, 同, 和, 跟, 辅以

com antonyms

in favor of, against, contra, without, why, drink, alone, unsuccessfully, why not, drink in, drink to excess, fruitlessly, shem, noiselessly, unhurriedly, here, contras, seme, afoul, anti, con, contrary to, counter, fight, hither, how come, i'm, less, on other hand, only, scanning electron microscope, seed, solely, versus, gleam, halo, contro, across from, for, toward, towards, upon, lone, unparalleled, exclusively, unaccompanied, compared with, feeble, in exchange for, oppose, opposed to, what's up with, what for, wherefore, bever, beverage, booze, boozing, crapulence, alcohol, gulp

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