commonwealth synonyms and antonyms


English commonwealth of nations, commonwealth of australia, british commonwealth, democracy, nation, state, commonwealth
French commonwealth, communauté, richesse commune
Basque commonwealth, mankomunitate
Portuguese commonwealth, comunidade

commonwealth of nations

English commonwealth, british commonwealth, commonwealth of nations
Catalan commonwealth, mancomunitat de nacions
French commonwealth, commonwealth of nations
Portuguese commonwealth, comunidade das nações
Romanian commonwealth, comunitatea națiunilor

british commonwealth

English commonwealth of nations, commonwealth
French commonwealth of nations, commonwealth

commonwealth of australia

English commonwealth, australia


English commonwealth, democracy, democratism, majority rule, republic
Catalan democràcia, república
French démocratie, communauté, démocratisation, république
Basque demokrazia, errepublika
Portuguese democracia, república


English commonwealth, state, nation, student nation, carry amelia moore nation, kingdom, country, folk, land, people, realm, tribe, thede, citizenry
Catalan nació, poble, nacion
French nation, patrie, pays, peuple
Basque herri, nazio
Portuguese gente, nação, povo


English commonwealth, nation, state, state of matter, department of state, state trooper, accident, body politic, country, humour, land, life, pass, propose, province, relate, res publica, say, splendour, express, submit, tell, monroe
Catalan afirmar, dir, estat, estat federal, manifestar, nació, país, república
French nation, etat, état, affirmer, contrée, dire, déclarer, pays, pompe, province, splendeur, statuer, étatique
Czech konstatovat, stav, stát, státní
Basque egoera, erran, erresuma, esan, estatu, herri, nazio, probintzia
Portuguese condição, dizer, estado, falar, pais, país, províncias, províncias da república popular da china, república, situação, união

commonwealth antonyms

anarchy, dictatorship, example, individual, communism, colony, international, country, city, germany, country music, deterrent example, city of london, city center, city centre, inner city, city of london corporation, discrete, acracy, lawlessness, mayor and commonalty and citizens of city of london, case by case, personal, personalized, absolutism, authoritarianism, caesarism, settlement, dependency, despotism, autocracy, dictatorialism, single, person, monocracy, object lesson, one man rule, paradigm, pattern, representative, sample, shogunate, stalinism, totalitarianism, tyranny

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