confusion synonyms and antonyms

mix up

English confusion, confound, stump, jumble


English mix up, mental confusion, confusedness, befuddlement, discombobulation, disarray, muddiness, bewilderment, disturbance, rumpus, mess, confusion
French confusion, désordre, brouillement, embrouille, imbroglio, malentendu, méprise, quiproquo, désarroi, embrouillamini, tumulte
oc error, rambalh, rambolh


English bewilderment, confusion, bafflement, perplexity, puzzlement


English befuddlement, confusion, bafflement, bemusement, head scratching, mystification, obfuscation, puzzlement, trouble
French confusion, ahurissement, perplexité, absorbement
oc confusion, desconcertacion, desvari, perplexitat


English confusion, disarrange, disorder, dishevel, disorderliness
French déranger, désarroi, désordre, troubler, ébouriffer


English confusion, cloudiness, sloppiness, wateriness


English confusion, commotion, disruption, annoyance, convulsion, derangement, discomposure, disorder, distraction, excitement, fracas, hindrance, hubbub, molestation, perturbation, riot, rising, ruction, turmoil, unsettlement, uproar, affray, noise, mental disorder, do, flutter, hoo ha, hoo hah, hurly burly, kerfuffle, trouble, upset
French tapage, trouble, bordel, brouhaha, chahut, dérangement, perturbation, tumulte


English rumpus, ruckus, commotion
French confusion, conflit, divergence


English confusion, mess, mess hall, mess up, bungle, dishevel, hodgepodge, batch, fix, messiness, muss, mussiness, pinch, puree, shemozzle, touch, trade fair, announcement, handout, manure
French confusion, mess, bordel, chenis, chienlit, fouillis, foutoir, gâchis, binz, bouillie, cafouiller, chaos, fatras, merdier, mesureur, pagaille, purée, ramassis, waï, ébouriffer

confusion antonyms

organization, arrangement, array, distinction, musical arrangement, calmness, clarity, accuracy, organize, lucidity, clearness, distinctness, explicitness, limpidity, lucidness, pellucidity, precision, sharpness, clearing, specific, preciseness, arrange, align, range, attire, composure, peacefulness, stillness, tranquility, consequence, coolness, coordinate, devise, differentiation, eminence, equanimity, get up, machinate, peace of mind, discrimination, variation, discrepancy, line, award, placement, agreement, arranging, lay out, machine, matrix, organise, mastermind, form, unionize, organized, prepare, raiment, regalia, order, organisation, scheme, set up, settlement, system, transcription, accommodation

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