construction synonyms and antonyms


English mental synthesis, grammatical construction, construct, erection, structure, expression, physique, building, twist, make, construction
French expression, construction, bâtiment, constitution, immeuble, terme, érection


English make, arrange, build, concept, assemble, form, reconstruct, manufacture, erect, fabricate, put together
French construction, assembler, bâtir, construire, joindre, réaliser


English construction, building, erection, boner, erecting, hard on
French érection, gaule


English erection, construction, building, assembling, edifice, skyscraper
French construction, gratte ciel, tour, bâtiment, chantier, immeuble, maison, édifice, érection


English construction, structure, anatomical structure, bodily structure, body structure, complex body part, fabric, layout, struct, structuralize, social organization, framework, model
French construction, structure, charpente, constitution, squelette, agencement, disposition, ordre, organisation, structurer


English construction, expression, facial expression, verbal expression, aspect, formulation, saying, formula, face, idiom, look, manifestation, phrase, reflection, reflexion, statement, term, utterance, verbalism, phrase book, speech
French expression, air, express, locution, manifestation, mention, mine, reflet, réflexion, terme


English physique, body build, build, habitus, physical, physics, body, human body, forcible
French construction, physique, appuyer, bâtir, construire


English construct, construction, make, make believe, make into, make up, make water, brand, husband, broaden, compose, create, dead, death, do, drive, fabricate, get, closing, id, lay, makeup, making, origin, production, shuffle, stool, draw, lay down, induce, seduce, cause, cook, hold, produce, reach, take, gain, have, name, form, manufacture, micturate, mistake, nauseate, pass water, pee, pee pee, piddle, piss, pretend, puddle, relieve oneself, render, significant other, spend penny, take leak, turn into, urinate, wee, wee wee, work
French make, man, faire, aller, construire, créer, effectuer, est ce que, faire pipi, faire semblant, feindre, fonctionner, mari, ouvrage, pisser, rendre, travailler, uriner, époux


English construction, twist, twist around, contort, convolute, coup de théâtre, distort, pervert, quarrel, rick, sophisticate, sprain, torture, turn, twine, device, spin, wind, braid, eddy, bend, kink, wrench, flex, writhe, wrick
French twist, aborder, adresser, avérer, détourner, enrouler, entorse, entortiller, passer, pencher, retourner, spire, tordre, torsader, tortiller, tourner, truc

construction antonyms

chaos, destruction, ruin, destroy, wreck, disorder, break, turn, bend, impression, flat, straighten out, straighten, bend dexter, unravel, disorganized, employ, anarchy, break down, break in, break dance, break away, break of serve, break off, break out, break up, derelict, disorganised, flat tire, good turn, lawlessness, lucky break, occupy, percussion break, straight ahead, use, utilise, virtual, gelding, printing, ruins, straight, havoc, mayhem, mess, turmoil, bedlam, beggar, belief, calamity, cigarette, confusion, consumption, cripple, decay, demolition, desolate, desolation, despicable, devastation, eradication, extinction, extirpation, overthrow, ravage, shipwreck, end, disaster, downgrade, effect, employment, hire, feeling, gripe, heterosexual, hetty, impoverish, mental picture, stamp, depression, maim, make use, make use of, pandemonium, perish, put down, snafu, tidy, roll out, topsy turviness, topsy turvydom, topsy turvyness, true, turn of events, turn over, turn round, unbend, unfathom, unknot, unpick, disentangle, solve, untwist, run, ravel, unscramble, unspin, untangle, wrack, crash, bust up

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