consume synonyms and antonyms

run through

English consume, work through


English run through, eat up, take in, use up, occupy, deplete, ingest, absorb, annihilate, devour, exhaust, squander, ware, burn, eat, have, swallow, use, take, waste, wipe out
French consommer, arroser, consumer, dissiper, dévorer, gaspiller, part des anges, prendre, prodiguer, répandre, vider, épuiser

eat up

English consume, immerse, finish, polish off
French consume, achever, conclure, finir

take in

English absorb, consume, gather in, suck in, take up, sop up, adopt, gull, receive, catch, watch, collect, gain
French cintrer, rentrer


English take in, use up, ingest, consume, occupy, swallow, use, assimilate, assume, draw, engage, soak, steep, engross, imbibe, soak up, sop up, suck, suck up, take over, take up
French absorber, accaparer, assimiler, captiver, dessiner, ingérer, obnubiler, occuper, sucer, tirer

use up

English deplete, absorb, consume, take, overtax, wear out
French consume, exhaust, consommer, consumer


English use up, consume, gnaw, impoverish


English use up, consume, use, exhaust fumes, exhaust system, aweary, beat, spend, tire out, discharge, run down, exhausted, fumes, overwear, rack, tucker, tucker out, wash up, weaken
French exhalaison, échappement, faire la vaisselle, pot d’ échappement, tarir, épuiser


English use up, ingest, occupy, consume, have, take away


English consume, absorb, use, take, fill, inhabit, inwone, lodge in, employ, invade, busy, concern, reside
French demeurer, habiter, occuper, remplir, résider, séjourner


English absorb, consume, take


English consume, vaporize, benothing, eradicate, exterminate, extirpate, eliminate, destroy, kill
French annihiler, anéantir, exterminer


English consume, demolish, gobble, down, go through, guttle, pig, raven
French dévorer, cochon, consommer, corbeau, engloutir, porc


English consume, ducks and drakes, lavish, throw away, waste
French dilapider, gaspiller, gâcher, prodiguer


English consume, ware, laminaria, spring, goods, commodity, merchandise, spume, pottery
French marchandise, ciel


English consume, burn, burn off, burn down, burn mark, stream, beck, brook, gill, rill, rivulet, runlet, runnel, scald, scorch, sunburn, water, tan, blaze, boil, broil, brown, conflagrate, cook, cremate, desiccate, dry, enflame, fire, glow, ignite, incandesce, incinerate, light, parch, roast, sear, seeth, shrivel, smoulder, stew, suntan, swelter, wither, cauterize, cut, bite, burning, burnout, catch fire, combust, flash on, mill, put down, take fire, torch
French burn, brûlure, arder, bruler, brulure, brûler, cendre, combustion, cramer, flagrer, incendier, incinérer


English consume, have, eat on, bother, dine, corrode, feed, feast, something
French manger, alimenter, consommer, déjeuner, se nourrir, s’ alimenter


English consume, eat, take, have, have got


English absorb, consume, swallow, deglutition, drink, get down, sup, martin, gulp, brook, buy, disavow, accept, immerse, take back, unsay, withdraw
French swallow, gorgée, hirondelle, avaler, absorber, aronde, boire, boisson, hirondelle rustique, hirundinidae, retirer, spiritueux, supprimer


English absorb, consume, exhaust, occupy, swallow up, make use of, apply, consumption, employ, employment, enjoyment, exercise, expend, habituate, interest, out, tool, usage, ability, adaptability, advantage, appliance, application, avail, benefit, convenience, conversion, custom, disposal, method, practice, treatment, usefulness, utility, utilization, way, wear, manipulation, function, habit, accustom, administer, deal with, engage, exert, familiarize, harden, improve, inure, manipulate, operate, ply, practise, take advantage of, treat, turn to account, utilize, waste, wear out, wield, work, usury, utilisation, utilise
French emploi, usage, utilisation, appliquer, besoin, consommation, consommer, coutume, de, dépenser, déployer, employer, exercer, exercice, manipuler, mobiliser, pratiquer, recours, servir, travail, utiliser

consume antonyms

throw up, chuck up, spit out, spit, create, generate, build, produce, throw up one's hands, give up, have not, throw in towel, poor person, throw over, break up, vomit, cool, water, out, expectorate, splutter, throw, have or have not, regurgitate, egest, excrete, expel, freeze, freeze up, freeze down, freeze out, cool jazz, replenish, build up, cool down, cool off, fill again, emit, enrich, breathe, bring forth, utter, engender, endow, feather one's nest, beget, render, give off, give out, pass off, pull, refill, spit up, reproduce, send, afford, arrest, block, bring on, bring out, physique, human body, base, construct

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