copy synonyms and antonyms


English phony, simulacrum, facsimile, forgery, reduplication, replica, replication, sham, transcript, replicate, duplicate, fake, likeness, reproduction, imitate, counterfeit, download, photocopy, image, copy, re create, read, transfer, written matter, xerox
Finnish copy, jäljennös, kopio, julkaistavaksi tarkoitettu käsikirjoitus, jäljentää, mainosteksti, teksti, uutisaineisto


English copy, counterfeit, charlatan, hokey, bogus, phoney, dissembler, hypocrite
Finnish väärennetty, väärä


English copy, image, idol, effigy
Finnish kuva, malli, irvikuva, varjo, varjokuva


English reproduction, copy, facsimile, facsimile machine, autotype, machine, fax, telefacsimile
Finnish faksimile, jäljennös, autotypia, faksi, telefaksi, telekopio


English facsimile, duplicate, copy, replication, replica, reproduction, sexual reproduction, breeding, facts of life, procreation, repro, reproductive memory, generation
Finnish jäljentäminen, kopioiminen, lisääntyminen, muisti, siittäminen, suvunjatkaminen


English simulacrum, likeness, copy, image, disk image, mental image, face, idea, idol, conception, counterpart, effigy, embodiment, figure, picture, range, reflection, representation, resemblance, shape, similitude, value, ikon, persona, prototype, trope, double, visualize, paradigm, pic, frame, screen, mental picture, video, word picture
Finnish kuva, imago, kuvantaa, mielikuva, muistikuva


English duplicate, copy, retroflex
Finnish kopioida, jäljentää


English replicate, copy, replication, reproduction, replica, rejoinder, retort, repetition, answer, objection, repeat
Finnish jäljennös, kopio


English replicate, reproduction, replication, copy, duplicate scrabble, double, matching, extra, twin, duplication, reduplicate, repeat, resemble
Finnish kaksois, kaksoiskappale, kopio, kopioida, monistaa, toistaa, uusia


English copy, counterfeit, fake
Finnish taonta, väärennys


English copy, reduplication, anadiplosis, reiteration
Finnish reduplikaatio, toistaminen


English copy, duplicate, replica, reproduction, carbon copy, copying, duplication, imitation, repeat, repetition, echo, rejoinder
Finnish kahdentuminen, tieteellisen kokeen toistaminen


English copy, counterfeit, fake, assume, candle, idol, pretend, pretense, rip off, mock, fictitious, imposter, feign, simulate, syria


Finnish jäljennös, kopio, transkriptio


English sham, forgery, phony, copy, imitate, counterfeit, assume, bootleg, false, feigned, forged, fraudulent, hypocritical, make believe, mock, put on, simulated, spurious, feign, forge, pretend, simulate, dissemble, falsify, imitative, phoney, pirate
Finnish väärennetty, väärä, jäljittelevä, väärennös


English forgery, phony, sham, copy, counterfeit, fake, affect, charlatan, faux, phoney, feint, juke, imposter, adulterate, pass off, bullshit, forge, fudge, falsify, ingenuine, mock, plastic, postiche, pretend, stage, ungenuine, unreal
Finnish vale, väärennetty, väärä, kieppi, hiuslisäke, jäljennös, väärennös


English copy, image, alikeness, similarity, representation, resemblance, semblance, similitude
Finnish muotokuva, samankaltaisuus, samannäköisyys, ulkomuoto, yhdennäköisyys


English copy, counterfeit, borrow, pick up on, simulate
Finnish matkia, imitoida, jäljitellä, kopioida


English copy, download, dl, move, take, transfer
Finnish ladata, noutaa, imurointi, lataus


English copy, photocopy, photostat, xerox, run off, xerox copy
Finnish valokopio, monistaa, ottaa kopioita, valokopioida

copy antonyms

authentic, actual, genuine, real, upload, exist, original, paste, creation, unique, library paste, real number, erase, cutting edge, on going, up to date, difference, graze, sincere, positive, present, factual, at moment, reliable, bona fide, cordial, current, delete, efface, existent, hearty, mindwipe, natural, rub out, score out, unfaked, unquestionable, veritable, wipe off, wipe out, straight, create

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