damemenneske synonyms and antonyms


English lady, woman


English woman, lady, noblewoman, donna, goddess, dame
Danish damemenneske, dame, fruentimmer, hunkøn, kvinde, kvindemenneske


English lady, woman, adult female, birther, carline, cowgirl, female, womanhood, charwoman
Danish damemenneske, dame, fruentimmer, hunkøn, kvinde, kvindemenneske

damemenneske antonyms

male person, male, low class, lower class, fellow, guy, man, gent, gentleman, he, fisherman, tramp, lord, men, class, impoverished, underclass, tramp steamer, guy rope, guy cable, guy wire, lower, lower berth, isle of man, horus, wanderer, her, gentlemen, female person, female, people, social class, socio economic class, helium, colleague, gentle, multitude, ghent, a'man, amiable, angler, bloke, bum, buster, chap, compatriot, considerate, cove, derelict, down and out, down and outer, dude, easy, fella, co, even, friend, human being, boyfriend, companion, fisher, fisherwoman, gand, gander, geezer, genteel, friendly, aristocratical, docile, pacify, ennoble, valet, hike, hobo, homey, indulgent, mate, nonabrasive, peaceable, polite, re, soft, slut, hiker, swinger, roll, slog, tramper, weak, yesterday, military

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