dance synonyms and antonyms


English trip light fantastic toe, trip light fantastic, electronic dance music, throw shapes, dance music, dancing, rug, dance
Portuguese dance, the dance, bailar, baile, dança, dançar, la danse
French dance, the dance, danse, amusement, danser, la danse
Hungarian dance, tánc
Italian dance, the dance, ballo, danza, ballare, danzare, la danza, saltellare
sh the dance, ples, igranka, tanac
ast danza, baille
Catalan ball, ballar, dansa, dansar
Danish the dance, dans, danse
Spanish the dance, baile, danza, bailar, danzar, la danza
Dutch the dance, dans, de dans
Polish the dance, potańc, potańcówka, taniec, tańce, ubaw, zabawa, pląs

electronic dance music

English electronic dance music, electronic music, edm

dance music

English dance, dance music, danceroom music
French musique entraînante, musique de danse
Italian musica da ballo, ballabile
Polish dance, taniec


English dance, saltation, terpsichore, dance hall, dancehall, ballroom
French boite de nuit, discothèque, salle de danse, danse
Italian ballo, danza
Catalan ball, dansa
Spanish baile, danza
Polish choreografia, taniec


English dance, rye, bedroom, bonfire, carpet, carpeting, hairpiece, pyre, have sex, toupee, toupée
Portuguese carpete, tapete, tapeçaria, tapetinho
French rugit, tapis, carpette, dos, seigle
Italian scendiletto, tappetino, tappeto, parrucchino
sh cilim, tepih, ćilim
Danish gulvtæppe, tæppe, måtte
Spanish alfombra, alfombrilla, tapete
Polish dywan, kobierzec, dywanik

dance antonyms

prom, wallflower, partner, nice, song, stand, sing, standing, wall, flower, sit, stand still, still, standing still, domestic partner, ferry, programmable read only memory, cheiranthus cheiri, erysimum cheiri, sit down, baby sit, sit around, bird song, sitting, plum, promenade, promise, stand up, prunus domestica, lover, spouse, co star, collaborator, juncus, moving, nike, seth, brother, companion, so many, associate, accomplice, accurate, amiable, cubit, dinky, enjoyable, entertaining, fellow, fuck, girlfriend, goodly, how, kindly, likable, likeable, motive, posing, seated, seance, stall

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