danne synonyms and antonyms


English shape, form, fir


English form, shape, configuration, conformation, contour, embodiment, forge, hammer, image, manufacture, mold, mould, pattern, human body, supreme headquarters allied powers europe, condition, determine, work, surfboard, symmetrical


English shape, form, take form, word form, type, fitness, cast, come into being, constitute, construct, descriptor, fettle, f, formular, grade, mannequin, human body, kind, class, phase, invent, mould, produce, imprint, format, hammer, homogeneous polynomial, image, make, manufacture, mold, organise, organize, pattern, shaped, signifier, spring, strain, swage, take shape, var, variant, way
Norwegian danne, form, art, forme, formular, kategori, slag, slags, type
Danish danne, form, art, forme, formular, kategori, slags, sort, type


English fir, fir tree, true fir, pine, proud, thread, wire, yarn
Norwegian edelgran, edelgranslekten
gml danne, vure

danne antonyms

shapeless, formless, chaos, relation, function, social relation, amorphous, relation back, size of it, size, affär, connection, reference, regard, relationship, disorder, havoc, mayhem, mess, turmoil, account, acquaintance, bedlam, confusion, lump, pandemonium, snafu, topsy turviness, topsy turvydom, topsy turvyness, recounting, correspondence, recount, relative, sexual intercourse, telling, kinship, association, fib, interrelation, routine, affair, mapping, officiate, serve, functionate, go, sizing, office, operate, operation, part, procedure, purpose, role, run, use, work

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