dans synonyms and antonyms


English associate in nursing, dance, aboard, dancing, into, inside, indium, from, tooth, in
French contextualiser, danse, danser

associate in nursing

English associate in nursing, an
French dans, an, en, par, un, une, à


English dancing, dance, dance music, electronic dance music, throw shapes, rug, trip light fantastic, trip light fantastic toe
French dance, the dance, danse, amusement, danser, la danse
Norwegian dans, danse
Romanian dans, the dance
Swedish dans, the dance
Turkish dans, the dance, raks
Danish dans, the dance, danse
Dutch dans, the dance, de dans
nrf dans'sie, daunche, dànserie


English on board, onboard, alongside, atop
French dans, à bord, en, à bord de


English dance, saltation, terpsichore, dance hall, dancehall, ballroom
French boite de nuit, discothèque, salle de danse, danse
Swedish dans, dansande


English in, alacrity, drive, gusto, zeal, zest, élan, backbone, energy, heart, heat, ardor, eagerness, impatience, excitement
French dans, à l intérieur de, noma, ferveur, zèle


English do time, indoors, privileged, in spite of appearance, inwardly, within, interior, interiorly, internally, live at her majesty's pleasure
French dans, intérieur, dedans, interne, intérieurement, milieu, à l’ intérieur, à l’ intérieur de
Dutch binnenkant, binnen


English in, indium, atomic number 49
French dans, in, indium, dedans, en, à, в


English indium, inside, into, in, ess, ice, according to, actually, against, an, and, as matter of fact, at, atop, crumble, den, est, female, flax, non, un, indiana, inch, inwards, less, linen, ling, cubic inch, inn, nest, not out, print, s, she, stylish, suffering, the, their, trendy, vogueing, within, yne
French dans, in, ecu, ice, a, au, dans le vent, en, endo, et, eur, mal, non, intérieur, lin, lors de, pc, à la mode, à l’ intérieur de
Norwegian in, i, ikke, ikkje, inn, mis, u, van, inne, ir
Romanian in, în
Swedish in, i, ice, ska, inne, o, gå med håven
Turkish da, de, içinde, ta, te
Afrikaans binne, oor, per, van
Danish i, inde
Dutch in, binnen, met, tijdens


English because of, devout, out of, take away, on account of, pious, whence
French dans, de, sur, depuis, pieux
Swedish från, ur, allmännyttig, andaktsfull, gudfruktig
Turkish dan, den, tan, ten
Dutch uit, van


English tooth, cog
French dent, bec
Norwegian plugg, takk, tann
Swedish tänder, tand
Danish bisse, pløk, tak, tand

dans antonyms

ago, there are, there be, there's, there is, agone, outside, out, prom, partner, nice, stand, flower, sing, sit, standing, out of, stand still, still, standing still, domestic partner, programmable read only memory, ferry, outside of, sit down, baby sit, sit around, moving, sitting, horse, outdoors, plum, promenade, promise, stand up, extraneous, outdoor, abroad, without, apart, in pig's eye, out of doors, prunus domestica, lover, spouse, co star, collaborator, juncus, nike, seth, brother, companion, so many, associate, accomplice, accurate, amiable, away, come out, cubit, dinky, enjoyable, entertaining, exterior, fellow, fuck, girlfriend, goodly, how, kindly, likable, likeable, mate, motive, appetising, charming, fine, courteous, decent, skillful, squeamish, knocked out, come out of closet, international, lower 48, united states, outwith, significant other, peach, pleasant, pleasurable, posing, remote, singing

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