death synonyms and antonyms

ad nauseam

English ad nauseam, death
Spanish ad náuseam, hasta la náusea

grim reaper

English death, reaper
Spanish muerte, parca, ángel della muerte
Dutch engel des doods, magere hein, pietje de dood


English grim reaper, ad nauseam, demise, azrael, bits, decease, dying, expiry, pieces, end, last, death
Danish death, død, ihjel
Spanish death, muerte, a muerte, desaparición, tránsito
Dutch death, magere hein, dood, overlijden


English pieces, death, acrimonious, bit, scum, foam, spume, meerschaum


English bits, death, apart


English death, azrael, santa muerte


English death, perish, die
Spanish deceso, defunción, fallecimiento, óbito


English death, anxious, in agony


English death, termination


English death, last, end, come to end, ing, aim, and, apex, cease, close, conclude, destruction, do, conclusion, goal, purpose, termination, ending, finish, newline, oddment, point, remainder, remnant, shut up, stop, sunset, terminal, terminate, than, india
Danish ende, afslutning, slut
Spanish fin, acabamiento, acabar, cabo, cara, cesar, concluir, conclusión, destrucción, extremo, final, finalizar, lado, muerte, parar, resto, terminar, término
Dutch voleinding, einde, uiteinde, afloop, beëindiging, eind, afstand, besluit


English end, death, cobbler's last, last place, shoemaker's last, cargo, burden, load, weight, bovver, burden of proof, endure, hindmost, final, at end, latest, concluding, utmost, stopping point, finally, lastly, in conclusion, continue, survive, onus, pattern, persist, property, scourge, sunset, vice, yesteryear
Danish ladning, lastrum, sidste, vare ved, sidst, læst
Spanish carga, último, horma, durar, lastre
Dutch last, hinder, lading, belasting, druk, juk, moeilijkheid, overlast, plicht, taak, verplichting, vracht, gewicht, laatst, leest

death antonyms

wear down, wear out, wear, fall apart, beginning, live, exist, ect, first, come undone, break, crack up, crumble, go to pieces, hackney, hold out, use, use up, outwear, tire, childbirth, immortality, next, er, begin, born, life, home, wear inside out, nascent, menachem begin, birth, give birth, max born, electroconvulsive therapy, emerging, fledgling, dissipate, ecthr, disintegrate, accouchement, childbearing, confinement, delivery, parturition, decay, decompose, compost, dismember, fritter, disperse, first base, first gear, first of all, first class honours degree, first off, first up, home base, home page, home plate, undeadliness, life sentence, life time, emergent, inchoate, young, nursing home, rest home, birthday, erbium, aire, river aire, eure, lake eyre, terminal

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