declare synonyms and antonyms

make known

English declare, reveal


English make known, adjudge, depose, promulgate, disclose, announce, maintain, publish, hold


English declare, decree


English declare, swear, displace, force out, thence, thenceforth


English declare, carry out, proclaim


English declare, publish, break, bring out, bring to light, impart, discover, divulge, expose, give away, herald, let on, let out, proclaim, promulge, reveal, tell, uncover, unwrap


English declare, publish, advertise, abjudicate, proclaim, annunciate, denote, foretell, give notice of, harbinger, herald, let know, notify, post, prefigure


English declare, proceed with, upkeep, adopt, care for, defend, go on, hang onto, continue, sustain, observe, assert, keep, uphold, conserve, wield


English announce, declare, disclose, bring out, issue, post, advertise, reveal, print, put out, release


English declare, hold up, take hold, team, association, graceful, acre, bear, carry, contain, detain, fermata, give, grasp, gripe, handle, hang onto, have, stronghold, clasp, cargo area, appreciation, detention, delay, happen, own, deem, agree, oblige, defend, restrain, harbor, halt, retain, control, reserve, accommodate, apply, defy, keep, prevail, lunar, make, meek, moon, pleasant, support, sustain, throw

declare antonyms

cover up, cover, give up, surrender, release, let go, abandon, put down, drop, let go of, touch down, write down, set down, take down, put to sleep, run down, lose, hide, pin up, cover girl, wrap up, flow, let, go, break, give, abdicate, abstain, allow, euthanize, give it gun, rev up, tach up, drop out, kick, forfeit, spare, vacate, discontinue, leggo, loose, phone up, give ring, burn, euthanatize, register, land, destroy, lay, record, relinquish, send to glue factory, setdown, squelch, squelcher, takedown, throw up one's hands, yield, flow rate, rate of flow, abrogate, withhold, restore, omit, abolish, abjure, break down, break in, break dance, break away, break of serve, break off, break out, break up, deduct, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, invalidate, keep back, leave out, lucky break, percussion break, rescind, down, button, capitulate, cede, cut down, deliver, discharge, disengage, down in mouth, down pat, john l h down, down feather, draw out, extradite, free, go out, go away, go game, hang up, knock down, leave off, exclude, neglect, pull down, push down, put, put option, reconstruct, recoup, reestablish, refurbish, reinstate, renew, renovate, restitute, regenerate, repair, shoot down, spurn

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