delay synonyms and antonyms


English masterly inactivity, time delay, time lag, dallying, deferring, tarrying, dawdling, adjournment, lingering, postponement, procrastination, retardation, stoppage, detention, hindrance, impediment, adjourn, policy, stay, calm, forslow, check, detain, forbearance, hesitate, hinder, hold, hold up, holdup, impede, latency, penelopize, postpone, procrastinate, retard, slow, stall, suspension, wait


English postponement, delay, ampliatio, dissolution


English adjournment, delay, deferment, deferral, suspension


English hindrance, impediment, delay, frustration, obstruction, difficulty, hang up, barrier, curb, encumbrance, obstacle, stumbling block, interruption, trammel


English impediment, delay, balk, barrier, baulk, check, curb, deterrent, disturbance, encumbrance, handicap, hinderance, hitch, incumbrance, interference, interruption, obstacle, obstruction, preventative, preventive, restraint, trammel


English policy, delay, insurance policy, policy racket, insurance, protocol


English delay, dalliance


English procrastination, delay, cunctation, dilatoriness, shillyshally


English calm, delay, calm air, calm down, equanimity, abate, appease, tranquil, composure, allay, mollify, pacify, placate, sedate, steady, calmly, calmness, chill out, collected, composed, cool, cool as cucumber, cool it, cool off, equanimous, level headed, lull, placid, quiet, quieten, relaxed, settle down, simmer down, still, tranquilize, tranquillise, tranquillize, unruffled, untroubled


English delay, tarriance


English delay, mental retardation, backwardness, moronization, slowdown, deceleration, retardant, retardedness, slowness, subnormality


English delay, intermission, interruption, halt, stop, blockage, arrest


English delay, custody, detainment, apprehension, hold, restraint


English delay, break up, recess, retire, withdraw


English delay, stay on, stay over, stay put, continue, detain, keep one's word, remain, rest, restraint, sojourn, staff, mastrope, arrest, abide, attend, await, bear, blin, cancel, cease, contend, curb, endure, wait, quell, bide, last out, persist, stick, stick around, suspension, tarry

delay antonyms

agitated, anxious, disturbed, hectic, chaos, anger, rough, frantic, flustered, hot and bothered, feverish, rough in, windy, excited, stormy, stressed, enraged, frustrated, abate, accented, disappointed, dismal, dreary, brainsick, disquieted, infuriated, flatulent, frenetic, delirious, phrenetic, irate, mad as hatter, maladjusted, nonplussed, on warpath, restive, sick, distressed, troubled, uneasy, unquiet, unsettled, worried, remorse, sorrow, panic, angry, disorder, havoc, mayhem, mess, turmoil, affright, aflutter, nervous, restless, angstful, careful, concerned, solicitous, watchful, queasy, bedlam, coarse, come in, come, come up, confusion, dying, enthusiastic, worked up, activated, fainthearted, harsh, horror, impolite, lose one's head, pandemonium, rile, see red, snafu, storm wracked, tempestuous, topsy turviness, topsy turvydom, topsy turvyness, upset, wigged out, blowy, gusty, breezy, impractical, long winded

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