delstat synonyms and antonyms


English state, state of matter, department of state, state trooper, accident, body politic, commonwealth, country, humour, land, life, nation, pass, propose, province, relate, res publica, say, splendour, express, submit, tell, monroe
Norwegian delstat, enkeltstat, forbundsland, forbundsstat, land, nasjon, provins, rike, seie, si, stat, statsapparat, statsmakt, stilling, styresmakt, tilstand, øvrighet
Danish delstat, enkeltstat, forbundsland, forbundsstat, land, nation, provins, rige, sige, stat, statsapparat, statsmagt, stilling, tilstand, øvrighed

delstat antonyms

country, nation, colony, city, country music, student nation, carry amelia moore nation, city of london, city center, city centre, inner city, city of london corporation, mayor and commonalty and citizens of city of london, settlement, dependency, kingdom, folk, land, commonwealth, people, realm, tribe, thede, citizenry, downtown, central business district, square mile

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