demens synonyms and antonyms


English dementia, madman, insane
Latin amens, cerebrosus, ceritus, cerritus, astrosus, stultus, lymphaticus, phreneticus


English dementia, senile dementia, dementedness, lunacy, second childhood
Latin dementia, amentia


Swedish dåre, galning
Latin demens, homo furiosus


English insane, crazy, mad, brainsick, harebrained, bananas, barking, barking mad, barmy, batcrap, batpoop, bats, batshit, batty, bonkers, bread baskets, cook, cracked, crackers, cray, cray cray, crazed, cuckoo, daft, demented, doolally, dotty, eccentric, fruit loops, fucked up, hatstand, kooky, loony, loony tunes, loopy, lunatic, mental, mentally disturbed, non compos mentis, nucking futs, nuts, nutso, nutty, potty, psycho, psychotic, screwy, squirrelly, weird, whacko
Swedish insane, galen, sinnessjuk, vansinnig
Latin demens, insanus, vecors

demens antonyms

stable, sane, healthily, in one's right mind, play with full deck, reasonable, sledge, vocable, fixed, unchanging, heya, stalls, static, unflinching

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