denne synonyms and antonyms


English daily, daily paper, daily newspaper, everyday, quotidian, help, day by day, day after day, day to day, every day, newspaper
Slovak denne, denný
Danish daglig, dagligt
Norwegian daglig, dagleg


English daily, pine, this


English pine, pine tree, true pine, agony, plage, brooch, decline, dick, dwindle, fasten, patch, pin, pinewood, ache, tack, torment
Slovak borovica, smrek, sosna
Danish fyrreslægten, nage, plage, fyr
Norwegian furuslekta, furuslekten, smerte, furu


English this here, this one, iawtp, same, 1, qft, dis
Slovak tento, toto, táto
Danish denne, dette
Norwegian denne, den, det, dette

denne antonyms

nightly, every night

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