departure synonyms and antonyms


English going away, egress, leaving, deviation, passing, difference, going, retirement, start, departure


English departure, exit, emergence, come out, issue, egression, emersion


English departure, difference, deviation, deviance, diversion, discrepancy, divergence, inconsistency


English departure, going, passing, exit, expiration, loss, overtaking, pass, passage, perfunctory, short lived, surpassingly, qualifying, release, transient, transitory


English passing, departure, sledding


English departure, deviation, conflict, contrast, disagreement, divergence, diversity, nevermind, remainder, unlikeness, dispute, differentiate, discrepancy, dissemblance, inconsistency, misunderstanding, variety


English departure, retirement, redundancy, privacy, retreat, superannuation


English departure, start, head start, start off, start out, start up, beginning, activate, begin, commence, embark on, execute, fistfight, from scratch, get going, go, inception, initiative, introduce, materialize, move, ring up curtain, scratch, scratch line, set off, blastoff, liftoff, take off, twitch, startle, starting signal, get down, originate, depart, protrude, starting, starting line, switch on, take up

departure antonyms

ring down curtain, stop, come in, come, likeness, similarity, entering, entrance, ingress, entry, complete, finish, end, equality, place, interject, enter, sum, identity, come pouring in, law of similarity, accounting entry, entrance hall, identity function, identity element, identity operator, ledger entry, personal identity, purpose, sameness, destination, target, alikeness, come to end, copy, finish up, finish off, goal, image, immersion, representation, resemblance, return, return key, tax return, monotony, semblance, similitude, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, sum of money, sum total, arrival, arrive, admission, advent, aggregate, amount, amount of money, appear, appearance, approach, arrivals, attain, get to, arriver, bring back, calculation, catfish, come back, comer, coming back, counterblow, admittance, doorway, ingang, capture, entranceway, entree, access, article, element, record, introduction, submission, entryway, equivalence

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