des synonyms and antonyms


English d flat, diethylstilbesterol, diethylstilbestrol, dec, haystack, less, december, often, some, s, of, des
German des, aberhundert, aus, cis, entwanzen, feindesland, kardinaldekan, modalverb, oft
Spanish des, del, de las, de los, unas, unos
French des, dés, agoniser, beaucoup, de chez, diéthylstilbestrol, fréquemment
Portuguese des, do, das, dos, umas, uns
Japanese ディーイーエス, データ暗号化規格
Dutch s, van de
Romanian adesea, învolt


English des, stilbesterol
Finnish des, dietyylistilbestroli


English december, declination
Japanese 12 月, デック, 十二月


English dec, december
German dezember, julmond
French décembre, université harvard
Finnish joulukuu, jouluk
Malay des, desember, disember, dis
Galician decembro, nadal
Japanese 十二月, 師走, 12 月, ディセンバー, 極月
fo desember, desembur
Dutch december, wintermaand
Romanian decembrie, undrea


English des, diethylstilbestrol, diethylstilboestrol, stilbestrol, stilboestrol
Finnish des, dietyylistilbestroli
Galician des, dietilestiboestrol, dietilestilbestrol, estilboestrol estilbestrol
Japanese des, ジエチルスチルベストロール, スチルベストロール


English hayrick, rick
German heuschober, heuhaufen
Spanish almiar, pajar, almiar de heno, parva de pasto, parva de pastos
Portuguese montão de feno, monte de feno, palheiro
Finnish heinäsuova, heiniensäilytyskeko, suova
Catalan paller, pallera, pallissa
Malay batang gandum, timbunan rumput kering
Galician palleiro, meda
Japanese 干し草の山, 積みわら
fo des, hoysáta, sáta


English less, loess, lesser extent, minor
German less, abzüglich, los, weniger
Spanish des, less, sin, menos
French less, sans, moins, strictement inférieur
Portuguese less, menos, sem
Finnish ton, tön, vähemmän
Catalan sense, menys
Japanese less, ない, 無, 無し, より少なく, いっそう少なく, より下回って, レス, 無き
Dutch loos, zonder, minder
Romanian less, fără


English less, s, s size, letter s, irma, mho, singapore dollar, sulfur, second, se, with, bestseller, p, pp, ata, en, est, ff, fifty, hors categorie, in, ninety, os, eth, sec, south, randomness, seventy, st, th, them, short shrift, emanuel swedenborg, sadist, sadistic
German des, s, dansk supermarked, ent, integrated service solutions, mit, n, ss, stgt, der, von
Spanish s, de, es
French s, de, avec, dansk supermarked, ment, x, sec
Portuguese s, de
Finnish s, n, iss palvelut
Japanese s サイズ, の, 小, 小型, ず, ズ, 清音, 等
Dutch des, s, s serie


English frequently, great deal, much, lot, oftenly, usually, oftentimes
German oft, oftmals, öfters, häufig
Spanish a menudo, con frecuencia, frecuentemente, seguido
French souvent, souventefois, beaucoup, fréquemment
Portuguese frequentemente, seguido
Finnish usein, monta kertaa, paljon
Malay kerap, sering
Galician a miúdo, frecuentemente, seguido
Japanese しばしば, よく, 度々, 頻繁, いくらも, いっぱい, うんと, ぎょうさん, しきりと, しきりに, しこたま, しょっちゅう, たくさん, たびたび, たんと, ちょいちょい, ちょくちょく, ちょこちょこ, どんと, びっちり, ドンと, 一杯, 三度, 予々, 予予, 仰山, 何度も, 克く, 兼ね兼ね, 再々, 再三, 再再, 善う, 善く, 多く, 大いに, 大きに, 大抵, 好く, 少からず, 屡, 屡々, 屡屡, 幾たび, 幾らも, 幾度, 度度, 往々, 往往, 得てして, 数, 数々, 数数, 沢山, 繁々, 繁繁, 能う, 能く, 良う, 良く, 重ね重ね, 間々, 間間, 頻く頻く, 頻って, 頻りと, 頻りに
Dutch vaak, dikwijls, menigmaal


English some, some amount, some extent, and change, any amount, approximately, nondescript, odd, several, few
German ein paar, einige, etwas, irgendein, irgendwelche, welche, welcher, manche
French des, some, quelque, quelques, certain, d’ aucuns, environ, plusieurs
Finnish jotkut, muutamat, aikamoinen, koko, melkoinen
Japanese ある, いくつか, うん, ん, ン, 一部, 中には, 何ぶん, 何らか, 何分, 何等か, 多少, 幾, 幾つか, 幾らか, 幾分, 幾許, 若干
Dutch sommige, sommigen


English out of, or, she, whether, which's
German aberhundert, ausschank, burgenländisch, ein rosiges bild zeichnen, molle, möbel, ob, oder, ofw, schnalzen, stein des anstosses, verantwortlich zeichnen, vom, von, vor
French des, ou, moins, de
Japanese の前, やら, 乃至
fo av, úr, út
Dutch oftewel, voor

des antonyms

infrequently, seldom, rarely, more, much, many, most, ed, bez, no, plus, y, sambucus, none, gland, occasionally, gas station, many another, sir thomas more, more than, outcry, pleasant, plus sign, rare, strange, tumult, tutoyer, two, ugly, uncommon, unsightly, uproar, whimsical, carton, usually, bridge, pons, oath, never, tomb, cereal, publisher, funny, odd, suspicious, unwonted, anomaly, elder, nice, fula, scarce, and, as usual, birchbark, clamor, consume, customarily, dirty weather, educ, erectile dysfunction, edst, ee, ful, full, full house, grave, habitually, hubbub, isthmus, it, kid, kind, lilac, midafternoon, ninth, no amount, nones, normally, nought, nun, on occasion, from time to time, ordinarily, barely, hardly, once in while, scarcely, sporadically, several times, swear word, th, generally, unremarkably, vat, without, your

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