desire synonyms and antonyms


English wanna, penchant, crave, itch, thirst, yen, hope, need, please, pleasure, want, drive, like, mind


English desire, bathtub, want to, bath


English desire, penchant, bent, inclination, preference, proclivity, tendency, trend, declining, leaning


English crave, desire, craving, longing, hunger, thirstiness


English thirst, want, desire, need, crave, affect, demand, long for, plead, require, yearn for, hunger, jones, lust, pant, starve, chough


English crave, need, desire, because, distress, for, lack


English crave, desire, want, need, in need of, commitment, demand, lack, necessity, motivation, indigence, be, necessitate, needn’t, requisite, these


English desire, itch, spoil, yuck, longing, urge, scabies, rub, itchiness, itching


English desire, yen, behold, cold, lo, sleeve, jpy, craving, hankering, jones, longing, urge, yearning, ache


English desire, hope, leslie townes hope, trust, expect, go for, promise


English please, desire, want, like, peer, ar, as, fancy, have high regard for, i mean, id, all, allied, analogous, cognate, corresponding, equal, esque, likely, probable, resembling, similar, such as, alike p, favorite, ilk, for example, approve, cherish, choose, elect, enjoy, esteem, love, prefer, regard, select, wish, likes of, ly


English like, desire, delight, gas


English desire, pleasure, pleasure to meet you, amusing, blissful, delight, enjoyable, enjoyment, entertaining, fun, happiness


English desire, drive, disk drive, line drive, drive on, drive through, rehearse, tee shot, aim, avenue, compel, ambition, approach, attack, driveway, engine, ride, campaign, force, herd, impel, make, move, take, repel, tug, driving, driving force, get, get up and go, incitement


English desire, mind, bear in mind, brain, everything, head, heart, idea, intellect, look, me

desire antonyms

just minute, just second, thank you, thanks, thank you very much, just sec, despair, hopelessness, annoy, irritate, pain, hold it, hold on, wait, apathy, have, idle, fear, drink, body, cheers, gracias, gramercy, much appreciated, much obliged, ta, ty, warm, displease, displeasure, business concern, business, business organisation, business organization, business sector, disapproval, disgust, misplease, ache, condemnation, discontent, dissatisfaction, suffering, drink in, drink to excess, thanks bunch, vex, thank, indifference, neutrality, bludge, dead body, desperation, despondency, despond, get on one’s nerves, have got, honk off, pointless, dead, light, loose, out of work, unused, unwarranted, inactive, inflame, irk, get on one's nerves, provoke, rile, laudits, laze, loaf, molest, nark, nettle, numbness, pain in neck, pain sensation, pester, plague, rag, roil, set on edge, spiritlessness, stage business, stir up, tease, world weariness

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